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Streamer and youtuber are an absolute cancer for the mmo community

Gamingtodaynews1g - Streamer and youtuber are an absolute cancer for the mmo community

The amount of toxic shit they throw at every game is just incredible. Watching anything from any of the larger ones is boderline abusive to the devs and community.

There are some that try to give constructive feedback, like Dratanos, Preach, or Scarra. But content creators like Belluar, Asmongold, Esfand, etc with their clickbaity shit, mixed with lies and "Me As A DeVeLoPeR" shit is absolutely killing every game. Regurgitating everything 100x times over, changing their minds every other day, and trying to convince the devs of any game they touch that their heavily skewed opinions are representative of the community because of their mindless followerbase is breaking my sanity. How can people follow this shit and give them any credibility.

Talking about community but betraying everyone and everything they stood for in classic. Shilling AoC for views while having no clue about the games battle or general systems. Shitting on New World because there is no PvP despite their knowledge of what happens to casuals/midrange players in those games, just to no life the game and shit on everyone thats slower for views.

They are only here to produce content and drama. No one should ever listen to them. They are not looking for a healthy and great game to play for months, they are looking for the next 1 week wonder or content wonder.

But even those that stick with one game and play it for weeks, months, or even years are not great sources of feedback. Looking at MHWI or EFT reveals just how skewed their views are. Calling for making games more hardcore and scraping systems to make the game harder. People do not play games for 10h+ every day. Fatalis fucking everything back to their mothers womb or calls for crapping the flea market or NOT ok.


Those people clock in playtimes far higher than any average person could achieve. They burn through content at a pace thats not normal and just unsustainable, while complaining about the lack of content. Just remembering how summit1g clocked in hundreds of hours per month in SoT while trying to convince the devs to put in stuff to make the game more enjoyabe for him while making the game extremely toxic at the receiving end. Those people RARELY care about the game.

The ONLY streamer/youtuber that didn´t want to pull the "ripcord" on wow that i know of was preach. I do not like some of his opinions of some things, but i have to give him credit for understanding that it would have killed the game for the casual/midrange playerbase. Having to change so much stuff EVERY fight would have been just shit. He is testing stuff, giving feedback and always telling his followerbase that his opinion is just his and everyone should make their own. He is withholding prepared content for the health of the community and for the health of the game. He is a rare gem in a sea of shit.

I am at a los here. I love MMO gaming but seeing everything becoming toxic because of a specific few that push the community in this direction is giving me a feeling of dread and desperation. Games should be fun, not a job.

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