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Stuff that every game should copy part one. Networks in Titanfall 2.

Gamingtodaynews1e - Stuff that every game should copy part one. Networks in Titanfall 2.

I've been thinking about doing a series of posts here, talking about some of the greatest, yet a bit underappreciated features in games that I think every other game in their genre should copy. I have some stuff lined up, like the UI in Satisfactory.

Today I will be talking about my favorite Multiplayer shooter of all time, Titanfall 2. I could go on about for pages why it is such a great game and I could also destroy in it in equal amounts of text explaining why it kinda failed like it did.

My point today is to discuss a mechanic or a feature that is so good that it should be a norm, not an exception, not to dismantle an entire game.

Titanfall 2 is a Multiplayer focused FPS game that plays more like a COD game, rather than the slower games like Hunt: Showdown. It has a large skill room because of all the intricacies in the movement tech department that pretty much surpasses almost every other AAA game out there. Still, it is very COD like in very many ways, the match length is similar, as is the TTK for example.


The one great thing it does, that I have not seen in 20 years is the Networks feature it has. When joining the Multiplayer, the player can also join a Network. A Network is very reminiscent of servers we had 20 years ago in Unreal Tournament and such. In Titanfall 2, it doesn't really affect the gameplay experience at all. The matchmaking is the same whatever the chosen network is. But it does give the player a tag in front of their nick. So me playing in the Reddit Network as TetraGton gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling when ever I'm doing good in the game. This is only a PC thing, but the Networks also have a text chat in them. It allows for hundreds of players in the same network to have some banter between them, or just ask questions about the game. That really helps to cement the feeling of camaraderie between players. The Networks also come up with their own memes and jokes, like having something in their pants that we have on . People on that Network remember each other, and comment on all of the good and the bad they've heard along the years. I got heartfelt congratulations on my wedding and concerned queries when I was sick.

It works pretty well on consoles too. The text chat is not an option of course but the Network system allows for an easy way to make Clans. Now that was a blast from the past when I joined a proper clan on PS4 before moving on to PC.

Now that I have gushed on about the system, I have to mention a HUGE caveat about the chat. It has this super dumb time reset limit in it. I don't know what the exact number is, but every 15 or so minutes it completely resets. So you ask an question on the Network chat, get a match, return after the game and all the chat history is gone. I just don't get it, why on earth did they do that?

All in all, why is this not a thing in every multiplayer game?

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