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Subnautica for PS4 is a nearly unplayable, bug-riddled mess and no one is talking about it.

Gamingtodaynews1e - Subnautica for PS4 is a nearly unplayable, bug-riddled mess and no one is talking about it.

Like many others, I waited a long time in order to play this game on my console. I’ve now put in about 10 hours total in the game and today I had my second save wipe. Yes, there is a massive bug that wipes your saves randomly. There is also a memory leak which blue screens you after about an hour or two of playing. There are also bugs that can glitch all resources permanently, leaving you with no choice but to restart.

And yet, almost no one is talking about it. I check review sites and they all make passing comments about vague technical problems but still give the game a great grade, which will inevitably cause people to buy the game.


The thing is, underneath these terrible bugs, the game is really, really, really good. I mean, it’s fu*king fantastic. But just because the core gameplay is great doesn’t mean that developers should get a free pass on game-breaking technical issues. The devs have gone completely radio silence other than a vague post a week ago that they’re working on a patch.

This is not ok. Devs released a broken game. If this was an EA game there would be riots in the street. r/Subnautica is content to plug their ears and pretend nothing is wrong but I’m not, and anyone who bought this game for PS4 should be up in arms. The more noise we make the more the message will spread that this game is broken and at least people will have that information when they consider buying it.

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    Dec 11, 2018 2:04 pm

    This is the only article I’ve seen mentioning this. I have the Xbox one version and there is a resource bug which stops 90% fish and items spawning, making it impossible to play the game. Also there are crashes, terrible visual glitches and gamebreaking save corruption bugs.

    I agree with you 100%. I’ve heard it defended over on the sub reddit that “it’s only a small team, give them some slack”. Granted, I respect the team size and appreciate what they are trying to do, but ita ultimately irrelevant. It’s a broken product, simple as. I’ve also been denied a refund as I played longer than 2 hours, despite the resource bug not becoming apparent until 4 hours in.

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