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Switch Lifecycle & Game Speculation

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Just some game speculation for the Switch. I think it was in December of this year that it was stated the Switch is about half-way through its lifecycle and that matches up with prior Nintendo consoles. Switch came out March of 2017 so figure we get a next gen console sometime in 2024 (which is a pretty long life). This is just me speculating about games and what not – mostly just 1st party.



  • Pokemon Snap (April)
  • Miitopia (May)
  • SMT III (May)
  • Mario Golf (June) year of free support?
  • Skyward Sword HD (July)
  • NMH3 (August)
  • Diamond & Pearl Remakes (November)

We should see

  • SMT V (supposed to be this year I think but who knows)
  • Fire Emblem Port/New Game (Path of Radiance rumor – timing wise makes sense for new game)
  • Zelda BOTW 2 (possible holiday title and would make sense to co-release with the rumored Switch Pro assuming a 2021 release is true also timing)
  • Bayonetta 3 (where is it? 2022?)
  • Hollow Knight Silksong (where is it? 2022?)
  • Zelda HD Collection: WW/TP (Rumored but question is where it could fit between a SS and BOTW 2 release so it could be towards the latter part of Zelda 35 anniversary in early 2022)

Maybe this year or 2022

  • New Kirby Game (haven't seen a big Kirby title in a while – could we a 3D one, timing has been long and they kinda playing with 3D on world map of Star Allies)
  • New Monolith Game: new ip or Xeno game (big studio and timing wise due for a new game – figure we get that concept art IP and later on in lifecycle or next gen get a new Xeno 3 – also paid DLC for whatever title they release)
  • 2D Metroid (more of a hope but just one new game to celebrate anniversary/ light rumor – could be Prime Trilogy but I see that closer to 4 release)
  • Detective Pikachu 2?? (I think this was confirmed mad long ago but we haven't seen anything)



  • Splatoon 3 (early 2022 – free updates for at least a year probably till the end of 2023)
  • Pokemon Legends (early 2022 – tho I hope they delay if they need)

*both look like they could benefit some extra power/Switch Pro boost

  • Project Triangle Strategy

We should see

  • Pokemon Gen 9 (based on release schedule and assuming they don't push Legends to the November slot it would also give Gen 9 DLC a full year to release)
  • New 3D Mario (Holiday title)
  • Mario Kart 9/Nintendo Kart (We are due for a new entry and a 2022 release would allow time for DLC tracks before a serious dev for next gen system – tho MK and 3D mario are both major so maybe one is 2023)
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy (Assuming 4 is 2023 – if 4 is late 2022 then Trilogy could be early 2022, point is it releases several months prior to release)
  • New Good-Feel game (they've shown off images could very well be 2021)


  • Metroid Prime 4 (Could be a 2022 but we just have not seen anything)
  • New Fire Emblem (We would be due for a new one especially is 2021 gets port)
  • NLG title (we'd be due for new game… Punch Out?, Strikers? New IP? could be late 2022 too)
  • Mario Kart DLC (if released in MK9 is 2022)
  • Splatoon 3 DLC (paid one, figure a full year after Splatoon 3's release)
  • Pokemon Black and White Remakes (November would be the)
  • Pokemon Gen 9 DLC (if released in 2022, separate studio does remakes now so they could do DLC at same time as remake)


New console sometime in 2024. Usually Nintendo has a weak lineup leading up to the new console – DLC and ports would make sense at this time given the smaller development.

My only thing here is that I don't what major game they would launch aside the new console. I'm not sure if a 3D Mario or let alone a 3D Zelda could be ready in time. Pokemon should have a Gen 10 that November but a holiday release wouldn't make sense since a console will sell out at launch anyways, best to release it earlier and then be ready for holiday – maybe a March date like the Switch got. Smash could be that big title but seems unlikely, and Mario Kart could be it too but I don't see that happening if MK gets a new entry on Switch in 2022/2023. Only major one I could see making a 2024 launch is a new Animal Crossing game. You could argue an early 2025 launch (allowing more time for a 3D mario or Zelda to cook) but that just really seems too long. So yeah much thought and thank




  • Super Mario Party 2 (2022? we are really due for one but probs waiting for Switch pro drop)
  • Pikmin 4 (rumored for so long – with the system having this long a life it would make sense to delve into smaller franchises)
  • Wario Land (rumors of Wario Land – more of a want I guess)
  • Wario Ware (Switch is built perfectly for it and given the time would make sense to have a title)
  • Zelda Remake by Grezzo (late 2022 or 2023, timing wise would make sense – we basically get a Zelda title a year)
  • New IP by Grezzo (seems like they are developing new game based on job postings)
  • Tomadachi Life 2 or Port (if they ported Miitopia it just makes sense to port the pretty popular game)
  • New Paper Mario/Port (rumors about it and timing wise would make sense)
  • Premium Nintendo Online Memberships (Gameboy Games added to base? N64 games for extra?)


  • Xenoblade Chronicles X (the last major Wii U title not on Switch – maybe they try it later, tho it has some complications)
  • New IP (never know with this one but maybe we get a 'bigger' new IP)
  • Rhythm Heaven (more of a hope – just makes sense to give IPs new life)
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 on Switch Shop (still absent from the 3D collection) or I wouldn't put it past Nintendo to try and sell it on it's own
  • LM1 and LM2 Port (given the success of LM3 maybe Nintendo will try to port over the past two – this a bit more out there)
  • Animal Crossing paid DLC (I don't know how'd they do it but given its success and the fact that AC had happy home on 3ds and amiibo festival on wii u they may just do DLC instead of a spinoff)
  • New Super Mario Bros (just seems like we'd be due for a new 2D mario – Wii U port sold so well)
  • Another Camelot game (took 3 years between tennis and golf but on the flip side they only do a tennis and golf nowadays and 2024 should be next gen time. Maybe they have a new sports title for first year of next gen or maybe they get a late in life switch release of something – Golden Sun revival?)
  • Mario Baseball (we haven't had that in a while and I think that's Bandai Namco – really dependent on if NLG is doing Strikers, as that would fufill a sports title for 2023, and even then is a stretch – maybe Camelot gets to do it who knows – more of a hope that we get all sports games to have a title of switch)
  • Nintendogs (not much to say here other than I could see it happening maybe)
  • Fatal Frame (series is a weird spot but who knows maybe a remmake or something)
  • Another Nintendo Warriors game (Could maybe fit in another game before the Switch is done, another Zelda or FE or maybe something new)
  • Persona ports (maybe??)
  • Rare Games back on Switch, another hope (Nintendo and Microsoft to seem get a long, Rare Replay would be awesome or if Switch online gets N64 games maybe they make a deal or something – tho this a huge longshot)
  • New Sakurai game (only if this actually the end of DLC and if he isn't already being pushed onto a new Smash for next gen. Time period would make sense to start a new Smash basically every other major franchise has a director that solely develops games in that franchise one after the other. But yeah if he isn't doing more Smash we could maybe see a new game from him towards the end of lifecycle – cutting it close tho) *Sakurai has stated that a Kid Icarus port would be difficult which is why that isn't on here
  • Mario Rabbids 2 (don't have much to say here)
  • Ring Fit Adventure 2 (believe it sold well enough to justify a sequel I think)
  • Astral Chain 2 (Platinum collab but Nintendo IP and I think it sold enough to justify sequel too)
  • Arms 2 (Sold well enough and Nintendo cares enough to get a character in Smash)
  • Captain Toad 2

*all these 2 games could maybe eat sales from previous game so Nintendo may hold out for next gen console.

Note of non-inclusion

  • Donkey Kong has been Retro Studios and they've been attached to Metroid / whatever game they were on before seems to be gone. Would love to see the Odyssey team make a 3D DK game but they only do Mario so :/
  • F-Zero just seems to be dead and if there was a time to have a new title it would've been during MK drought
  • Star Fox – seems a bit weird. Zero didn't do well so I don't see em porting it. They should just give Ubisoft the game or someone but yeah

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