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Tanabe (Paper Mario interview) : “It’s no longer possible to modify Mario characters or to create original characters that touch on the Mario universe”

Gamingtodaynews1e - Tanabe (Paper Mario interview) : "It's no longer possible to modify Mario characters or to create original characters that touch on the Mario universe"

There are three main issues with Paper Mario that are talked about in the video

1) Story.

This always leads to heated debates. People argue about whether Mario games should have any story at all.

Tanabe mentioned Super Paper Mario as the reason why they cut down on the story aspect so much. He claims that less than 1% cared about the story in SPM and that the story in SPM "deviated" to far from the Mario universe.

2) No longer possible to have individual original Mario characters.

3) Nintendo and him always wants to try new things. They don't want to revisit old ideas.

Regarding 1)

The story in SPM wasn't bad but at times it felt there was too much of it. I personally liked it but i think there were definitely areas where you could have trimmed or cut the story.

Isn't it also kinda extreme to remove it just because it didn't work (according to Nintendo) instead of looking why it didn't work and try to work on it?

What a lot of people don't understand about the people who like "story" in Paper Mario games, is that we (Arlo and people like me) don't expect a shakespearean drama but a funny, interesting and entertaining story.

TTYD is beloved because of this. At one point you become a Wrestler and you have to climb up the ranks to solve a certain mystery.

Or Luigi's accounts of Paper Luigi after each chapter.

That is what a lot of people miss dearly.

Regarding 2:

I honestly don't understand this. What is the problem honestly?


We got Baby Wario, Metal Peach, Baby Daisy and many other "original" characters. How would it hurt the Mario universe if we got, for example, a Boo with an unique name and a unique design.

Is it Miyamoto?

Regarding 3:

The new vs old. Arlo and many other Paper Mario fans don't want the exact same game over and over again. What is wrong with the concept of gradual improvement and enhanced with new additions to the core gameplay?

TTYD was awesome because it took what made the original game great and enhanced and improved upon everything. It also added to the game with the audience system.

That's what we would have liked with a new "traditional" entry. Keep the funny story and improve/add/enhance the game play.

We aren't against new things, but the end result should be enjoyable.

I'm a person who like to see everything in a nuanced way.

I honestly think that SS had potential. The problem was the complete lack of a story (unique characters) and the redundant gameplay. If everything were embedded into a rpg/experience the game would have been far better.

CS had great funny writing and an entertaining story the gameplay was decent but what ruined it was the abundance of paint/money and the tedious unnecessary coloring mechanic. If resource management or if the paint acted more like BP the game would have been better.

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