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Teaching my sisters how to play a video game. (Story) (Pt1)

Gamingtodaynews1g - Teaching my sisters how to play a video game. (Story) (Pt1)
 Hello, my name is Cameron, and this is my first post on Reddit, this story is about how I got my two older sisters to play their first, of what I would consider modern video games. The reason I use the term modern, game is that my sisters, Brookelyn and Kaitlyn have actually played some video games in the past. These games are, Super Mario Bro’s , Age of Mythology, Tetris, PACMAN, and MarioKart Wii. But are completely blind to the evolutionary curve that games have gone trough and have barely ever noticed the games I’ve played as they were a lot more social as kids then I was. These stories on how I got my two sisters to play a modern game are going to be in two parts. So this will be the first part on my sister Kaitlyn, this story will dive in to my sister’s progression from her choosing the game that she wanted to play, into learning the game and beating the game PORTAL, Let’s begin. 

Note: This story is old in my mind and quite fuzzy and I have to go with what I remember. I barely remember PORTAL.

 The date was in June 2016 during 7th grade summer, and one of those days in March I was sleeping on the couch waking up to my friends knocking on my window to wake me up. But they knew knocking would always get the dogs barking and wake my parents up and my sister Kaitlyn who would only fly up for the summer because she lived down in Florida at my grandparent’s. Now back on course, I didn’t mind if they woke me and my sister up we can deal with morning people my parents however cannot and it would normally ruin the day for us if they woke up grumpy, so we try not have the dogs bark to wake them up. But my parents woke up and sent my friends home. But since my friends also woke up my sister also by accident she comes walking out to make breakfast and I’m already up on the couch and on my Xbox 360 getting ready to play a game I haven’t played in a while Half-life 2 on the Orange Box. So I open it up and start at Ravenholm, of all places. This game was from my last save and normally I do stop at Ravenholm when I ever I try to do a new play through, I stop playing because Ravenholm unsettling environment is not really fear inducing to me but the atmosphere doesn’t allow me to enjoy the level. So I’m at the part of Ravenholm where you are greeted by the Father and given a shotgun and told to call the lift, while all the fast zombies start spawning in. At this time my sister walks past the tv to get onto the couch. The couch kinda blocks of half of the walkway in the living room because it is one of the L shaped couches that are rather big. So once Kaitlyn passes me with her bowl of cereal, blanket wrapped around her and sits down, she weirdly watches me play. Normally she’s on her phone watching anime actually. While watching she’s found it quite funny what you could do with the gravity gun to kill zombies. Next thing that I know she asks me “this game is pretty cool haven’t I seen you play this before?” And I responded “No I’m not sure why this game would be familiar to you” because despite me not having played half-life in a while I know she has never seen it but what shocked me was her response “I’m not sure either, I just remember you playing a zombie game that played like this, but now that I think of it weren’t there people helping and wasn’t there like a zombie that would grab you with it’s tongue and choke you?” And in my mind I want holy shit she remembers Left 4 Dead from 5 years ago! This was when I still lived in Florida and when I was 8. Then after I thought that I said “Ughh yea that was a game called Left 4 Dead, this is called Half-life2 and it was made by the same company.” Excitedly Kaitlyn goes “really, do you still have that game?” I said “No the game disk is broken but I have 2 other games from them you want to play one.” 

So I show her the two other games on the OrangeBox. TF2 and Portal, I show her the games by the trailer that the OrangeBox has when hover the select screen, then gave a brief explanation of what the game is and so she says “Let’s try portal.” And so I started the game.

Unfortunately I want to end the first part here as the intro into why she wanted to play portal and hopefully I’ll be back on tomorrow to continue writing the post. Feel free to critique my best shot at writing from my memory and hope you all enjoy.

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