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Tera new patch 80

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Hey there,

Yesterday we just got the new patch 80 on Tera EU, here's the official release (

For those who wonders what this new update gives, here is a little explanation :

– Level cap increased to lvl 70.

The level cap has been increased from 65 to 70, giving us 5 more glyph points to customize more our specs. To help us with leveling, a new main quest has been added as well as new world daily quests. Getting to max level should need around 150h+, maybe a bit more than two weeks for casuals.

The gear isn't changed and it's requirement is still lvl 65, it'll mainly make players more tankier (since most dungeon bosses are above lvl 65).

– Instances re-scale.

The Ilvl requirement for most dungeons has been reworked with the introduction of 7man versions of some dungeons. They features the dungeon's hard mode mechanics but a bit easier because you get 1 more dps and another healer (if you're lucky with instance matching or your guild's availability). Loot tables were changed too and you get more mats to get to upgrade tier 2 (frostmetal) and tier 3 (stormcry) gear.

– Skill upgrades.

Starting at lvl 66 until max level, you'll get "passives' for some of your skills. You'll have three options for each of the already acquired skills and you'll be able to level the stats of these passives dropped from open world PvE and dungeons. You also get skill buffs working the same way but without the upgrading part (for example warrior tanks will get either a frontal block on some of their skills, or can choose to have a buff that increase the pvp damage of all players at 10 meters for a short period and so on…)

– Halidom and Relics.

New bonus gear. Two slots were added, these items give bonus mp and endurance as well as either power or crit factor (both on higher tier items). They are for lvl 66+ and are upgradable with same grade gear up to +5.

– Equipment infusion.

Aside from the usual gear progression of Tera (upgrade and evolution through different tiers) you now have the infusion system. You get fodder gear of 4 different qualities through dungeons, world bosses and BAMs. When infusing them into your actual gear you'll randomly transfer 2 of the stats into it. The higher quality the fodder, the higher the stat.


– New dungeon entry system.

The old system was designed to give you 1 dungeon entry for each dungeon at endgame with quest/reputation currency giving you the possibility to get scrolls to reset dungeon entries of different tiers. Now you get 1000 Adventurer Coins which are used at entry of dungeon (a few) and at Vanguard mission completion (bonus loot) for around 100 points. You can then farm any dungeon you want as long as you have AC. It regenerates every 3 minutes and you have reputation items to double the regen rate. AC isn't shared through different characters so you can do full runs on one character and then continue on another. This lets high end players do more runs of hard dungeons and compete for top spot in leaderboard but also lets lower endgame players farm more mats to upgrade.

– World Bosses.

New world bosses were added to complete the open world investment. Since we had guardian missions and now daily quests as alternative ways to get experience and material, World bosses are a bit different. They appear every 5 hours with a world message. They give loots (mostly new accessories, upgrade materials, fodders and golds) to the last person hitting the boss. It's fairly all about dps burst and luck on PvE servers (since it'll be mostly groups or raids fighting to get loots and "maybe" share it to members), but on PvP servers… Oh boy. Yesterday was the release day and let's say that if your guild isn't a good established pvp one, say goodbye to the boss loot. In my opinion it's a really rng based boss for PvE servers but a good Guild PvP battle for others (like the Civil unrest bosses in the GvG pvp area).

All in all, it's a fairly good update that gives a bit more stuff to continue min-maxing gear and classes, gives more possibilities of dungeons for new 65 players and gives the open world some more attention. Leveling was a bit reworked with a reduced number of players needed to enter dungeons (same difficulty tho) and some areas were reworked to implement the new quests and optimize leveling. It's important to remember that most of the playerbase is composed of old players so leveling isn't the main focus, for those who were looking for that, the classic server just closed and people already transferred their characters.

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