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Terraria is a game for Everybody

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Hey guys! I made a Video on Terraria, and I think the script could make for a really fun discussion 😀

(I’ve edited the script to make more sense on Reddit)

(The video is linked below if anyone’s interested in that format)

You know that feeling when you start playing a new game? For me I’m filled with a sense of greatness, and I start thinking how I’ll replay this over and over, so I should treasure this memory as the first time I ever played this game.

But then, after a few days I take a break, and never end up picking up the game again. I’ve thought about it, and realized they all have a learning curve that I give up during. Whether it’s a new XP system, boring open world, Cough* Ubisoft *Cough** or go-fetch-this quests, something about most new games I try subconsciously turns me off.

So let’s talk about Minecraft! (Yes this is about Terraria but Minecraft supports my argument.)

When you boot up Minecraft for the very first time, it doesn't tell you anything. It's just you, and the landscape. Out of curiosity, you punch a tree, and oh my gosh, it gives me wood that I can now make a crafting table with. Out of curiosity, you create the crafting table, and what do you know, now you can make even more stuff. Minecraft uses the player’s Natural Curiosity to progress the gameplay. It doesn't tell you to craft a shield, you get shot by a skeleton think,

“Wow, that doesn't feel so good.” And then decide to craft a shield because YOU wanted to.

Terraria works in the same way. You start a new world and you punch trees out of curiosity. Soon you’re making a crafting bench. Then as you're looking through the stuff you can make, a slime so rudely interrupts you, which prompts the player to kill it.

So naturally, my thought process is now,

“Well gosh dang that was cool, but I wonder if I could kill that slime even faster.”

Now The player has a goal. Craft better weapons.

When you look at these two new game experiences compared to a Game that dumps this whole new confusing potion system on you like the witcher 3, it is so much more user friendly! (I freakin’ love the Witcher 3, no hate.)

Terraria is for Everyone


Why do I say Terraria is for everyone? It's because it doesn't push any one way of playing the game. If you want to build fancy houses for NPCs to move in, you can. If you want to spend all your time fishing, you can. If you want to fight bosses, go mining, throw parties all day, you can! And almost anything you do, will progress the game forward. (Except for throwing parties, that won’t progress the game forward at at all lol.)

And nothing shows off how this system works better than the multiplayer.


Right now due to COVID-19 a lot of us are stuck in our houses. I can talk to my friends, but I can't really see their personalities as I can in person. However, Terraria changes that a bit

I've played a lot of Terraria recently with my friends Wolf and Sam.

Wolf loves boss fights. I'm honestly not a huge fan of them. So Wolf can be fighting bosses, as I'm fishing, and Sam is doing something that we won't talk about right now, and we’ll all be progressing in the game at our own pace.

It allows for everyone to have fun without forcing anyone to conform to the predetermined playstyle the developers intended. And while I can’t be with my peeps in person, I get the “honor” to experience Wolf’s pranking personality as he covers my house in dirt bonds, and we get to see the …unique side of Sam as he writes erotic Phenis and Ferb fanfiction xD

Closing Remarks

Terraria is a simple game on the surface, but with So Much depth for so many different play styles. The wiki is fascinating too, I highly advise checking it out, I’m constantly learning crazy new stuff I had no idea about in the 200+ hours I’ve sunk into this game.

As an added bonus the developers fully Embrace Community made mods, Which is amazing to see as the community is what truly carries the legacy of a game forward.

So if you haven't played Terraria yet, then take it from me, you should at least try it.



Thank you for Reading!! What do you think about Terraria & how early game progression retains and rejects new players?

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