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The 20€ ingame token turned World of Warcraft into a pay to win mmorpg

Gamingtodaynews1b - The 20€ ingame token turned World of Warcraft into a pay to win mmorpg

The WoW devs introduced a pay to win system in a buy to play + subscription based mmorpg, imagine

People buy tokens for 20 bucks, turn them in at the auction house and receive around 170k gold and buy Mythic boosts and raid spots with that method, there are A LOT of people who pay hundreds of euros per month to gear their main and alts fast

Some people might say, hey thats not p2w since it doesnt affect PVPers BUT please listen

Getting the ahead of the curve achievement which gives you a mount means winning to me, having the newest gear and being able to transmog those new sets/cosmetics before other people is winning, you cannot only define winning with the pvp mode – there is more to an mmorpg than just pvp

Gear from boosted m+ runs gives you faster access to other m+ runs and heroic/mythic invites, the amount of time you save can be defined as "winning"

And dont forget people having an advantage in open world pvp with the new warmode that doesnt have gear scaling like the instanced battlegrounds

This game currently has the situation that people with "good gear" end up in your raids/dungeons who dont know jackshit about the game, no keybinds, no info how to tank the boss, they are only there for the instant gratification

Goldsellers always have been a thing but it was never so accessible, hence the increased amount of those boosters spamming the tradechat every fuckin second


I mean if I invest 100 hours into practicing any hobby, lets say piano, I have an advantage over someone who did not invest the same amount of hours, that person cannot just walk into a store and buy a token for 20 bucks which gives him some kind of experience/advantage
Why should that be ok in modern mmorpgs? Its not even free to play I mean, you have to buy the damn game and spend 13 bucks per month

In addition many people play mmorpgs because they seek some sort of distraction from real life, your performance ingame shouldnt be bound to how you perform at your job, a lot of people on my server stated that they are spending around 200 bucks at the start of a new season

I honestly dont get how the mmorpg community has changed so much, that players have no problems that Blizzard is doing this bullshit

Feel free to post your opinion, thank you

you guys proved me that the whole mmorpg genre reached an alltime low, how can you defend this bullshit

its really time to delete all this bullshit off my computer
spare me your edgy "you wont be missed comments, i dont care"

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