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The 35th anniversary of Mario is a great repackaging of games, but I’m also loving the soundtracks!

Gamingtodaynews1g - The 35th anniversary of Mario is a great repackaging of games, but I'm also loving the soundtracks!

It's kind of surprised me since I've never been a huge soundtrack person. I like music and definitely appreciate the great music Nintendo puts into their games, but listening to the soundtrack by itself hasn't been something I've cared about until recently.

Because my friends and I are socially distancing (there are some high risk members of our friend circle as well as some hospital workers, so we've probably been extra strict as a result) we haven't been able to partake in one of my favorite things to do. Hangout on the couch and share a single player experience together. Traditionally every Sunday we'd get together and someone would share their favorite game with someone who's never played it to try for the first time and we'd hangout and talk about it. It's just something that's kept videogames in our lives and helped schedule time together despite our increasingly busy life schedules. With the risks of Covid-19 we haven't been able to do this as regularly, so recently we tried to play and hangout over Discord and an elgato device. The issue with discord being that the stream for some reason wasn't playing the game audio, which is a huge bummer for me since right now we're having my friend Nate play Super Mario Sunshine, which may be one of my favorite Mario experiences. While I can hear the music in my head the rest of our friends who aren't as familiar missing out on the music in each area is a bummer. But the fact that the soundtracks are included in the bundle means that everyone can just queue up the proper song and groove to the music while hanging out and chatting. I think that little addition has added some additional levity in an otherwise rough year, and I really appreciate it.


It also makes me hopeful for future anniversaries. Mario is obviously the big franchise, but Zelda turns 35 next year, and so does Metroid I think? If we ports of the N3DS remasters of OOT and Majora's mask I would love for them include the Soundtracks that came out when the games did. Fingers crossed that Metroid doesn't get ignored, maybe we get something like Metroid Zero, Super, and Fusion or something (I think the Prime trilogy is still slated to come out separately?), while my musical attachment is to the intense atmospheric music from the Prime trilogy, being able to share those experiences as well would be wonderful. I think it's a long shot, but my fingers are crossed that since next year is Animal Crossing's 20th anniversary, we get a complete soundtrack of all the music in each game up through New horizons. The dream would be to have the speakers in the house play the gentle background music for each hour, changing games each day or something, while we're at home.

I really just wanted to talk a bit about this side of Nintendo's work that's really been ignored by me (probably not by most people) up until recently, and how much I appreciate that they included the soundtracks in the bundle. I wanted to see what everyone else would hope for in future anniversary bundles, which series are you most excited about, which 3 games would you want in the bundle or which soundtracks do you think are important for people to have access to?

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