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The bad reviews are wrong, Rage 2 is good

Gamingtodaynews1b - The bad reviews are wrong, Rage 2 is good

I've been reading a bunch of popular reviews and I'm dumbfounded at how these people are capable of nitpicking this game to the point that it sounds like a pile of trash, when it is in fact one of the best recent releases.

We have seen a lot of sub par games released in the last few months and I have to believe that all these horrible reviews are a result of a bunch of salty gamers that need to dump on everything because they aren't getting a game that checks all their boxes. I don't walk into a new game with requirements and preconcieved notions. I'm just here to have fun and see what the developers have created. For me, this game is pure fun and I will try to explain why this game tickles my pink.

Let's start with the obvious. The combat kicks A. It's fast paced Carnage. It feels a lot like doom. I love the special abilities. Dashing around and smashing bandits with shatter and slam as you're blowing beastly shotguns blasts into their domes and watching them explode is ridiculously satisfying. There are dozens of ways to create chaotic gibbing messes and it is glorious. The vehicle combat feels like you are ripping across the apocalypse in the batmobile blasting everything in your path. Taking down a convoy is very satisfying, it can be difficult and makes you feel like a badass. Combat is the best part of the game.

The music and sfx are the second selling point for me. The music is just straight up awesome. When you are racing or taking down a convoy it adds so much to the feel. When you are ripping through a bandit stronghold the very doomesque tracks are propelling you into the insanity. The guns and explosions all sound beefy AF. One of the best sounding games I've ever played, and it isn't getting the credit it deserves on this front.

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The graphics are very good. The amount of detail they put into the visuals is blatantly evident. One of my favorite things is how the cutscenes merge flawlessly into the gameplay. The detail put into the characters looks is among the best I've ever seen. The characters, environment, explosions, lighting. It is all top notch development.

There is a buttload to do in the game. I'm seeing all these crybabies saying the story is short because they played it on normal and rushed the story missions without exploring anything. If you actually want to unlock all the skills, vehicles, upgrades and weapons, its going to take some serious time. The story isn't the point of the game, although as far as stories go, it's about the same as every other open world game. There is actually an insane amount of optional character dialogue and all the characters are crazily designed and fun. There are also a buttload of data pads that provide tons of reading for back story but hey, If that isn't enough story for you, go read a book.

I could go on but the point is, this game is very well made and most of all, ITS FUN. People need to learn to enjoy things without feeling the need to rip them apart because they didn't get what they wanted. It's a fun game.


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