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The beauty and pressure of competitive play in video games.

Gamingtodaynews1b - The beauty and pressure of competitive play in video games.

Being a competitive person in video games is both a blessing and a curse.

On one hand, the demand for competitive play is probably higher than ever. Many competitive games require a high learning curve and there are probably endless levels of nuance in almost every layer of the skill curve and these skills and mechanics are continuously being updated in the minute.

At the same time, because the skill curve is so high and demanding, that are intrinsically (and sometimes extrinsically) forced to keep up with the times and constantly have to train and grind a lot which on the one hand, the grinding is part of the fun because of the mentality that the sufferring is there to make you stronger, but on the other hand, without that dose of dopamine of feeling empowered or feeling like your sufferring was earned also limits the amount of fun that you can feel during competitive play.

And not to mention the endless list of other stuff you have to go through – repeated failures, toxicity, over competitive players, skill curves that require research and nuance to go through and so on.

From my experience, some games do help in minimising the hardship of the competition – matchmaking and tutorials and so on.

But most of the time, the psychology of competitive play is almost like a chore or a job or even like you are training for a sport.


At times, it does feel as punishing as one would feel that person is quite competitive, especially when you try to put hours of effort for certain builds or working on certain skills, when you realise that when you test these skills, you find players (sometimes in large quanitities) who happen to be ten times better than you in every way – maybe their builds are done by luck or they have super good reflexes or math skills and so on.

It is often really hard to get the balance of fun and challenge, especially during days when you just want to have fun or when you feel a bit impacted when you feel forced to work harder and harder on the challenge but it feels as though that work is never earned or is never good enough as though the reward is never good enough or you feel crushed.

So in a way, the demand and pressure of competitive play nowadays is a double edged sword – the grind forces you to try harder but so much so that the grind is often a lot of psychological pressure – you want to improve and do well or maybe to show the other player that you are better.

But at times, the demand can be quite unhealthy, maybe even addictive at times because of the constantly repetitive loop of wanting to get better but never good enough or being repeatedly crushed in every match and you feel forced to get better, or feeling as though the effort is never good enough.

I am not sure if this is something that only i experience or whether other people experience this.

But i must say that playing competitively in gaming nowadays is quite a challenge in its own way

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