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The beauty of a mmorpg (for me)

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 (I spent a lot of time writing this I know it’s messy but please read) Having a conversation on destiny subreddit about what makes a good mmorpg and I finally realized what makes me come back annually to the same mmorpgs and why I can never “complete” them like any other single player or multiplayer game experience. While I do consider destiny a mmorpg i dont consider it a traditional early to late 2000s mmorpg like runescape and WOW. The traditional mmorpgs I’ve experienced are wizard101 and pirate101 however I’d like to mainly talk about wizard101 and what it has done to my gaming landscape. yeah same game devs lol. anyways I don’t want to talk about the games specifically I want to talk about what makes me feel so close to that game even though from a realistic perspective the game looks sooooo bad. This is the beauty of a mmorpg. I’m going to my talking about three main things when having this conversation and the first though I want to take a second to talk about my gaming backstory. I was born in 2000 and started off gaming with ps1/ps2, Nintendo gameboy, Nintendo ds, I believe I also played the game cube a few times. Anywyas more or less I played basic video games. When I first discovered wizard101 I was about 9 and saw the trailers that I think 50% of the kids my generation saw. Almost every commercial you saw join the wizarding world and defend it against magical forces etc... stereotypical stuff that we hear today. As a 9 year old the thought of a shared world experience I could do with my friends and family excited me a lot... I’d say that’s the first thing that grabbed me the sense of community. After this I was the stereotypical 10 year old on every modern warefare 2 match. I didn’t officially get into the game until 4 years later when I turned 14 and got my first PC. I still remember that day in detail. To this day it has filled me with A sense of nostalgia and hype something that big triple A game studios can’t seem to mimic with today’s gaming climate. (Sorry if this is dragging on). Anyways it was my cousin who first got me into the game. In traditional mmorpgs you have to pay for things like memberships to continue playing (even though the game is heavily marketed as a free to play game) you could get to about level 9 without membership and for a good year I didn’t have membership. I’d say that first year was the most fun and nostalgia based. I still remember even though it’s 4-5 years since then, going to higher leveled players houses going into the lower level dungeons that level 9s could do if they got carried by other high leveled players. My cousin was level 70ed and EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. We grinded it out through this yearly time I met so many AMAZING people online that I wish I was still in contact with today. The feeling of your friends never coming back online SUCKS. Throughout the time until I got my membership I got to level 15 and felt SO accomplished. That feeling can’t be emulated in a single player game. That’s one thing a mmorpg does right. I have about 2 friends that are still with me since those times and I think I made a good 30 close friends since. Side note: if you have ever played wizard101 you know the feeling of your friend betraying you and finally getting membership is so hard I cry every time. Finally on to the next thing which is the grind never stops. When I say this I mean the grind literally never stops. If your game is a good mmorpg it will have enough content where unless you play 24/7 it’s IMPOSSIBLE to complete or do everything in the game. It took me until 2018 around July to finally complete my fire wizard which I started questing on in I believe late 2016? It wasn’t my original fire because I got banned lol. I still didn’t get everything in the game but I had all the main items and felt sooooo accomplished. Since I started that character the level increased 20 levels so I started him when the max was 100 and when I ended it was 125. Idk how this games grind compares to wizard101 but the hardest grind I’ve been on was farming these battles that took 3 minutes to complete each every single day... idk how many times I killed them but definitely over one thousand. I didn’t get the specific item I wanted until about a month after. And there’s harder items in the game to get. Modern mmorpgs just to compare to stuff like that imo. The final thing I want to talk about is immersion. And by this I mean escaping your real life and going into the wizarding world of wizard101! Escaping your world and going into a world filled with magic spells and monsters! I think modern day video games focus too much on being realistic so much that they lose there magic and when I play them I find that I feel that they feel too much like I’m playing a video game and not being immersed into a. World.. now obviously there are many exceptions. I’m just talking about the majority of games created now adays. The story and writing of wizard101 was utter trash but something about it just filled me into the world. The graphics were also pretty bad. If you made it this far thanks for taking the time to read this is my personal opinion on what makes a good mmorpg experience despite what the story is about or what type of game it is. First person, third person etc... 

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