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The best Korean MMORPG in my life

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You've surely heard of Korean games like Blade & Soul, Black Desert Online, Archeage, etc. They're often discussed in media, but they're not the ones I’m going to be talking about today.I love Korean MMORPGs and always try the new ones. But no matter what I've been testing, I always return to the veterans of virtual adventures. These games are, indeed, works of art. They grant the player an excellent opportunity to experience epic emotions and plunge into interesting and action-packed events.

Lots of players just don't know that active official servers of these games even exist. I want to change that opinion with this post and tell you about Lineage 2 and Rising Force Online that are being undeservingly forgotten.

Lineage 2

In case of Lineage 2 it's necessary to mention that the main version of the game now called Lineage 2: Orfen, though still developing, is now at an ambiguous point.

It's the most diverse version of the game as it has the biggest amount of classes and other content. However, the trends in the gaming industry have made the developers change the initial atmosphere and policy of the game. It became casual, and players have been separated from each other in numerous dungeons.

The changes in visual effects lead to such a state that when several characters are active your eyes hurt from all the flashes. To add insult to injury, the game's been transferred to a free-to-play system. Though, if you like such things you can play here.Fair enough, the developers listened to the steamed-up users, analyzed all the mistakes, took into account the many years' experience and created Lineage 2 Classic. NCSOFT managed to give us the one and only, legendary Lineage 2 — again.This time the game doesn't turn away from the aim at the European gaming community that was set in 2003. You can feel the excitement of your first looted weapon, team up to attack raid bosses and participate in political gambling. This is not just a restart of an old game's version, it's a full-scale rethinking of the concept. The long-forgotten hardcore mechanics are used in conjunction with the new up-to-date developments.

But what I love most about in Lineage 2 Classic, is the clan and party system. The challenges in the game force the players to team up, then the teams turn into clans. Huge alliances are created to achieve global goals. It's a great opportunity to find new friends and widen your social network.We often gather in Discord to talk about different things, those might not necessarily be connected with the game. I've once found contractors for my company among the clansman. However, you may play alone too, if you don't want to communicate with others actively. The game gives such an alternative. Playing in a community is more effective, though, if you ask me.The classes in the game are balanced in such a way, that it seems there are no completely useless characters. So you always can pick what you like. You can be a tank, a healer, buff or debuff, or deal the biggest amount of damage (damage dealer). Moreover, dwarves specialize on mining (but not crypto, haha) and creating gear, as well as summoning siege golems. The economy is key, powerful clans can willingly influence the price of specific items according to some agreement or simply shut the location with the loot in demand.

Castle sieges are some of the most massive events. These are epic battles where the leaders of clans and alliances elaborate on global strategies. Clans are always in the middle of political gambling, compared to that in the Game of Thrones.

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Every month players compete in an Olympiad. The result of the combats defines the best players in each class and grants him/her the status of a hero. Most of the users want to acquire the precious gold animation.

The point is, obviously, not in beauty, but in additional skills and weapons that become accessible. The opposing parties strive to have as many players with this status as possible. All the aspects of the game are important as they identify the position of all the players, clans and alliances in the global rivalry of the game world.

I haven't seen such a freedom to play a part that you pick for yourself in any other game. You can be a villain or a hero. Some users create huge role-playing communities. Some of them choose the dark side and hunt others, killing whoever they see, or taking control over certain territories. Some create race communities (like orks' horde) or trade unions (most often dwarves).

If you got interested in playing Lineage 2 Classic, you can play on the official EU server Skelth. There's a subscription system – the first month costs 2€. When you sign up first, you get a free 7-day trial, so this is a good opportunity to try it.Rising Force Online

Every gamer has heard of Lineage 2, while most of them might hear of the Rising Force Online for the first time. That's a pity as this MMORPG has a great concept. The setting in RFO combines fantasy and science fiction in the best way possible. Here you'll find spells, robots and even mechas from anime. The conflict in the game is based on the rivalry of three factions fighting for resources on the planet called Novus. Every faction is a race with a unique outlook and abilities that define it.

The Accretia Empire is totalitarian and has an aggressive expansion policy. This race doesn't use any magic, their bodies are entirely mechanical. Accrets are a race of advanced technology, they can use powerful distance missile launchers. The soldiers are less mobile compared to their enemies, but they are more advanced due to the technological progress and constitutional peculiarities.

Bellato Federation consists of highly educated merchants. They're also interested in the Novus' resources. Only Bellato can use the healing magic to full extent, making battles with other races much easier for them. Moreover, these dwarfish big-eared creatures can create the Massive Armor Unit. MAU – widely known mechas, to which a whole genre of anime is dedicated. It's also worth noting that the people of this race do look like anime characters.

The Holy Alliance Cora – a religious community, whose beliefs invoke the dark god Decem. Their fanatic faith grants them access to dark magic. Their outlook resembles the well-known fantasy elves. Animus – summoned dark creatures from the other world are available only to this race.

Every eight hours all three factions go to a Chip War. The one who destroys the enemy's control terminal wins. Thus, the winner can access the mines and extract the resources. These Chip Wars show one of the main features of RF Online at full scale – constant mass PvPs. From the 40+ lvl players, meet each other on joined locations of the game world. Just like in Lineage 2, there are raid bosses, that have epic rare jewelry with unique features as loot.

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None of the races can attack the HeadQuarter – the starting location of each faction. There are mobs and raid bosses for beginners are set. You can also explore dungeons, and players from other factions won’t bother you. However, the game is built in such a way that the players cannot only stay there. Each race has its own auction to buy and sell items. One cannot exchange items with the member of another faction.

One of the key features of the Rising Force Online is the system of picking the leader of the race. The system of status points is used to establish hierarchy inside the faction. One can get these points for killing players from other factions or for completing quests.

Players with the biggest number of points obtain special perks and get priority in a weekly vote to choose the faction’s representative when the lists of players are being made. The elected players get unique perks and ability to speak in the special whole-race channel of the chat. The race’s Patriarch is the leader and has the ability to promote additional archons and officers in the faction. Archons, just as the Patriarch, can strategically launch nuclear missiles during the Chip Wars.

Politics in this MMORPG are versatile. The Patriarchs understand other players‘ speech and can make agreements to achieve political goals. One race often dominates over other two.Players of one faction initially cannot attack each other, but there is a special potion that grants the player a status of a killer (PK). Such a possibility creates rivalry inside one faction and its guilds compete with each other. These conflicts may cause even the leading faction to face defeat.

Original setting of the game and balance of factions create great opportunities to dive into the game's world. I highly recommend you to check out RF Online, you can try a new official EU server called Zucker. The MMORPG is free-to-play, and you may upgrade to the premium account for 6€ per month. It is playable without PA on low lvls, so you can try and then decide.

I'm glad to answer any of your questions and to see fans of these great MMORPG like myself in the comments. Also you can share Korean MMORPG that is best for you!

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