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The Chronicles of Spellborn, free MMORPG, massive update

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Hello all,

I'm very proud to say that today we launched an update for The Chronicles of Spellborn. This update contains a lot of fixes and balance tweaks. The full patchnotes can be found below.

The Chronicles of Spellborn is a unique MMORPG from over a decade ago, that found it's rebirth over a year ago. Since then, a small group of enthusiasts have worked together to polish this rough diamond. The game is completely free for anyone. It has a very unique combat system, and is mostly focused on the story and its quests.

The artstyle of The Chronicles of Spellborn is unique, and the soundtracks are amazing. The atmosphere in the game alone makes it well worth the try.

Interested? Visit
www.spellborn - The Chronicles of Spellborn, free MMORPG, massive update to find out more about The Chronicles of Spellborn.

P.s. When creating a character, beware of a character creation bug. The server will tell you the character is not created, but in reality, it is. Just relog to see your character.


Quests General:

  • Corrected locations and mob descriptions in Hoggsridge quests
  • Made quest missing persons to direct people to Faye in the statue district and to the miss scholar in the Green District
  • Lowered level of Spooky Borr quest chain to level 25
  • Added quest to a play to die for quest chain to take players to the spooky borr area of the pit cemetary so it's not missed
  • Changed quest rewards for house quests of bloddy ties to match house colors
  • Added location to house quest summaries to where the maul bribe should be returned from the Bloody Ties quest chain
  • Added mail quest to direct people to quest giver of Citadel of Ail quest
  • Fixed the location description to the correct area in "Lady Meleta" quest
  • Fix locations of "its just business" NPC's to the correct zones
  • Fixed empty text boxes in "A girl with bad dreams"
  • Lowered minimum level of "Mysterious North" from 30 to 29 to help avoid quest being missed and to make up fame gap
  • Fixed quest description for "On to Ringfell" quest to state the correct NPC name
  • Fixed quest description for "Is it that time already?"
  • Removed prereq for quest in scourpool to prevent people from missing the quest

Rawhead Landing:

  • Added Turshenkons ousted shop to Rawhead Landing
  • Created (4) new quests in Rawhead Landing to help cut down the level 26 fame gap to level 27
  • Added a skill deck to Gyll in Rawhead Landing
  • Item missing from The myth quest added
  • Added quest the Legend to eliminate fame level gap at level 31

Wanted Bosses:

  • Edited quest level available for new wanted bosses to be avaialble when players are in area from another quest
  • Turned Sephia wanted quest back on
  • Added wanted boss and quest Dodogan in stonedeep.
  • Added wanted boss Heralon Shurinai in stonedeep

Demon Army Camp:

  • Added Demon Army Camp to the maplist, so that the map will be viewable in the drop down list on map screen
  • Changed Demon Army Camp chest interaction to prevent the Money Exploit in the first Demon Army Camp quest
  • Unlocked (5) quests since Demon Army Camp has been reinstated these should work now
  • Fixed empty conversations in quests "send in the brotherhood" and "decisions"


  • Fixed dead glaive messenger in Panzer Woods of Gavesbow to be dead instead of alive and standing.

Zone Formatting

  • Changed the name of Hoggsridge area in Hoggridge zone to Felbane to match the Lake name it is around and to avoid confusion between area and zone
  • Swapped the mouse over names of the Soul and Spirit shops to be aimed at the correct shops
  • Swapped portal names to oracle and fountain districts to display on the correct portals in the Green District
  • Changed label on QS_mine exit from fountain to Statue
  • Changed quest wording involving Brightvale being called Homestead to match the map

Items and Loot Table Fixes

  • Changed raging Shadows of Meditation sigil 1, and 3 to adjust correct attribute values
  • Added missing Celestial Eye recipies to approriate loot tables
  • Changed dodo anima into lesser dodo soul
  • Changed level on horned right shoulder armor to match level of left shoulder armor
  • Major adjustments(increases) to item drop rates across the board
  • Demon Army Camp Sigils ~ Fixed missing effect values

Skills & Bodyslot Updates


  • Charge ~ Burst effect now triggers multiple time if multiple enemies are hit(up to 5 targets)
  • Piercing Shot ~ Increased maximum range of secondary target Increased angle from 60 degrees to 90 degrees
  • Ricochet ~ Reduced range by 33% | Increased range of jump effect | Increased damage from minor to moderate | Increased number of jumps to 5 | Increased jump speed
  • Impale ~ Increased maximum range of secondary target Increased angle from 60 degrees to 90 degrees
  • Setup ~ Now targets up to 3 targets surrounding the caster



  • Deflect ~ Replaced with – (Teleport an enemy in range away from you and deal minor damage)


  • Gash ~ Removed Stack type (no longer cancels other wound effects) | Wound damage reduced from > to > to match poisoned rake
  • Shred ~ Removed Stack type (no longer cancels other hamstring effects)


  • Rising Gust ~ Is now (Opener, > Fires a barrage of arrows dealing minor damage to 3 enemies in range up to 5 times. nearby partymembers recieve a heal for each hit.)
  • Somatic Conversion ~ Converted to Ranged Skill | Now deals minor > Damage


  • Spectral Shield ~ Now gives > instead of >
  • Spectral Lance ~ Now gives > instead of >

Blood Warrior

  • Life Tugger ~ Now deals Minor damage(instead of moderate) to you for each link established (as per description)
  • Blood Hook Effect ~ Increased Return damage ratio
  • Bloody Net ~ Is now — (Sever all > causing major damage to each channel target | Recieve > damage for each channel severed)

Void Seer

  • Healing gust Sphere ~ Target a random enemy in range every 6 seconds. When targeted enemy deals damage to you, recieve a minor heal until effect expires
  • Dark Matter Orb ~ Now resets nearby enemy's stats to PeP level (0)
  • Storm's Eye ~ Now resets your stats to PeP level (5)

Ancestral Mage

All Pets

  • Hitpoints Increased
  • Reduced Attack/Skill Delay


  • Removed slash skill (this pet is not intended to deal damage)
  • Added Battle Cry skill (resistant all on pet)
  • Added Stomp skill (increase melee resistance on pet)
  • Reduced cooldown for debuff skills


  • Added Spirit Touch skill (2nd heal)
  • Increased heal/buff aggro multiplier (the pet no longer waits to heal/buff the player)

White Bear

  • Added Bite skill (basic bear melee attack)

Demon Army Soldier

  • Added Arrow Storm Skill (AoE Bow shot)

Wise One

  • Reduced cooldown of Soul contract skill to 5 seconds


  • Reduced cooldown of break skill to 12 seconds
  • Break skill stacks resistant melee on pet up to 3 times (one stack per hit)


  • New Bodyslot added (level 50)
  • Added Healing Hands Skill (targeted heal)
  • Spirit Support Debuff now lasts 12 seconds
  • Reduced cooldown of Healing Fog skill to 18 seconds
  • Healing now triggers on friendlies in rage 9 times over 18 seconds
  • Increased heal/buff aggro multiplier (the pet no longer waits to heal/buff the player)
  • Increased health fraction that triggers heal phase (the pet now begins healing you at 95% instead of 80%)


  • Bodyslot Buffs ~ Reduced Duration to 30 seconds
  • Urgarut Shape ~ Replaced melee resistance buff with "Frightful Pressence" — Attackers recieve haunt (12s)
  • Contra Blade ~ Added missing combo type


  • Burgoning bomb ~ Damage now increases from minor to major insted of moderate to extreme
  • Peircing Snare ~ Damage reduced to match extreme damage (17% reduction)
  • Flashfire charge ~ Burn stacks reduced to 4 instead of 8


  • Poisoned Rake ~ Updated description to match skill operation | Reduced delay for second trigger | Fixed targeting distance | Fixed wound buff icon and priority settings
  • Draining Malignancy ~ Fixed hamstring debuff | Hamstring Stacks up to 6 times, lasts 8 seconds
  • Choking Gas(target recieves "Silience")~ Now Replaces Physical Blight (lvl 10)
  • Tear Gas(target recieves "Blindness")~ Now Replaces Depressive Miasma (lvl 30)


  • Implimented Knockback
  • Rogues: Whirl
  • Spellcasters: Close Quarter Shock
  • Warriors: Break Defense
  • Adept: Forceful Throw


  • Piercing Snare
  • Serrated Charge
  • Burgoening Bomb

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