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The current storage situation and its future (console)

Gamingtodaynews1g - The current storage situation and its future (console)

TLDR: Given this image how did we get here and how do we get past it? For context that image includes every game I have on the drive. All other user installed content is ~100mb or less.

I’ve had my PS5 for a couple months now and it’s become clear that moving games to being completely digital has been an enormous failure. When last gen came out they began the movement away from physical copies and it seems they have not been able to keep up with increasing game size. As it stands I am not able to hold more than 3 AAA games on my PS5. In the single player world this is okay as you can play through then delete but with multiplayer (which is the bread and butter now days) you want to have many games ready to go so you can play with friends at any time. Games are only getting bigger and we only have 1tb which is really 500 GBs when you consider system files, bloat, ssd health, and games with large free space requirements (some 100gbs). While fast read speeds are nice for single player games, fast write is entirely useless. Either I can play it now or I can’t. The question I leave you with is three fold. How did we end up in this place, how could they have avoided this, and how do they fix it moving forward.

Here is my thoughts

First question (How did we end up in this place):

We ended up in this place because of marketing limitations. Simply put cutting edge r/w speeds are expensive and meeting the 400 price point means 1tb. This is clearly a marketing issue since people obviously are willing to pay more than 400 (scalpers make money… sadly) and saying “we have faster w/r than Xbox” sells better than “more storage” even though more storage is more important to most, I think.


Second question (how could they have avoided this):

We could have easily avoided this problem by increasing the price by 100 dollars and then having two built in hard drives. This has been done since the dawn of SSDs. You have a cutting edge drive of 1tb for high usage data and 2tbs of last gen storage for everything else. With a little elbow grease that could be made quite efficient. This problem is somewhat reminiscent of the battery issue with smartphones. Most people, I think, wouldn’t mind a few more mm thickness for double the battery life. But marketing… sleek design!!!

Third question (how do they fix it moving forward):

So where we go from here is pretty obvious to me. We have to get external hard drives. I don’t know a single friend from ps4 who didn’t have one. Other than the PS menu being extremely slow, fitting all your daily favorites was the biggest pain point of the PS4. So everyone shelled out the extra cheddar for external drives. This gen will be no different. The way they sell it is unusable for me and I assume many others but hey we already bought it so what do they care.

Closing thoughts: We wonder why ISPs want to change the pricing models. With the PS5 I wake up, figure out which game my friends want to play that night, then delete 100gb of games and download the game I’ll be playing so it is ready at 8pm. This is a few times a week so I can’t even be mad that ISPs are pissed holding the bag. I’d gladly deal with an extra few seconds on loading screens to avoid this entirely but what can you do. If I’ve said anything incorrect or misinformed please let me know.

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