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The Demon’s Souls remake might actually be too true to the original.

Gamingtodaynews1f - The Demon's Souls remake might actually be too true to the original.

Just a disclaimer, I'm aware that a 1:1 Remake of a game is what a lot of people want. Just the same game with a new coat of paint and better performance. But personally I think there's too much missed opportunity when that's the case to improve the game in other meaningful ways. There's a difference between improving QOL and going full FFVIIR.

When a studio who isn't the original remakes a game as beloved as a souls game you run into this problem where there's probably no winning with the fans. You change literally anything and people call you out for it, claim that western devs shouldn't be touching Japanese games, ruining the original integrity of the game. But also if you don't change anything or much at all, a lot of the games original design flaws are all still present.

The issue with the particular remake is it's a lot of the latter. If youre hopes are playing the game exactly how it was in 2009 with a shiny coat of paint, some updated animations, and very minor QOL changes then you're going to enjoy this game for what it is, essentially a 1:1 Demon's Souls remake. But if you're expecting any updates, or any mechanics that might have brought the game up to newer souls game standards you'll be disappointed.

The first thing I was shocked made a return is the Moon Grass healing system, I fully expected and Estus like system to make its way into this game, especially since Moon Grass was often the worst of both worlds. You could either have way too much of it and trivialize the entire game, or have none at all and have to farm Boletaria to get more. Depending on your souls game expirience level it's likely to be one or the other. Estus made for a more balanced system, keeping the game challenging and less farmy. Adding resource management as part of level progression. It's really a shame they didn't make this change.

Next is the upgrade materials. Instead of streamlining the materials and having fewer different types of stone. They still have the dozen different types that's you're going to need to make different attributed weapons. Which means, again, you'll be farming enemies a lot to get these drops. Dark Souls had similar issues with Blue, Green, White, and Red titanite. But there weren't nearly as many as this game, and they often served for multiple upgrade paths. Plus it was even better as the games went on with less different types of titanite. Having to farm Spiderstone, Dragonstone, Sharpstone, Hardstone, Cloudstone, Clearstone, Greystone, Bladestone, Suckerstone, Mercurystone, Marrowstone, Darkmoonstone, and Moonlights tone frankly sucks ass. And everyone of th se has shards, large shards, and chunks, it's not fun. This honestly needed to go.


They also decided to keep the equip load mechanic. No, not just how much you can have equipped on your character. Everything you carry has weight, similar to Elder Scrolls, except a lot more strict. So you can't have much stuff on you at any given time, luckily the one thing they did add was an ability to send things right to storage. But I still think this is a huge downgrade from the other games that have already improved on it. They probably should have just implemented the Dark Souls carrying system, instead of trying to keep it 1:1.

Then there's the bosses. Which have, and still are the easiest in the franchise, give or take 2 or 3. I would have liked to see additional movesets and AI from the bosses in this game. Some of the bosses in this game can't even land a blow on you, they're slow, unaggressive, and just generally uninteresting. Where in Darks Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro bosses felt like the ultimate challenge at the end of the level, in Demons Souls it almost the opposite. The level is the hard part, and the bosses are almost a reprieve, and I've always found that incredibly disappointing. The standouts like Flamelurker and False King Allant are the rare exceptions. I wish they could have done something to improve weaker bosses like Adjudicator, Tower Knight, Dirty Colossus, ect. A lot of lost potential here, but again, it's exactly like it was in the original, which may be what you want.

By no means do I think Demons Souls remake is a bad game, my issue with it, is there isn't enough change and there hasn't been enough time to really warrant it. This isn't like Spyro or Crash that came out in the 90's where characters were a few polygons, and you're getting a bundle of 3 games. They want $70 for a singular remake of an 11 year old game that offers almost no change outside of visuals and frame-rate, without actually improving on a ton of mechanics that made Demon's Souls never as good as it's successors. It's quite a shame tbh. It's still the same great game it was then, which is good enough to keep my playing, but I can't help but be let down by all the small things that should have been addressed but weren't. Also…world tendency sucks. No idea why they kept that.

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