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The Elder Scroll Online: Light and heavy attacks

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At the moment, you only fight with skills and use the light and heavy attacks just to fill up resources. With these changes, heavy and light attacks certainly would be a battle decision again. So that the whole skill attacks are used to fight and not used to be dominant. That would give the player a better feel for his weapon of choice and lead a symbiotic combat experience.

Heavy / Light attack changes
Light attack: Light attacks only causes 80% of the current damage now. But they bring stamina back. With each following light attack, the amount of stamina restored increases on each hit by 20% to a maximum to 100%.

Heavy attack: Heavy attacks no longer restore mana or stamina directly. Instead, you now have a chance to get a special bonus.

Two-handed weapons:
The heavy attack has an increased chance of knocking down the opponent. After three consecutive attacks, the fourth is a massive swing that deals 100% more damage to all enemies in front of the player. And pushes them away and trip on the ground. (The attack does 150% more damage at opponents who are not pushed away.)

Two one-handed weapons:
The heavy blow has a chance to increased attacksspeed by 8% for the next 3 easy ones.
For each strike the attack speed is reduced by 8%, the following strike is raised up to 3 times max (after the fourth blow, or if you use a different attack, the stack starts again.)

One-handed weapon and shield:
The heavy blow has a high chance to uncover a weakness in the opponent's armor and damage the opponent for 3 sec. increase by 5%. After three heavy attacks in a row, the player strikes up with one shield swing. That throws the enemy high in the air and let it fall down. (If the opponent cannot be thrown up, the next "One-handed weapon and shield" – attack is free.

The heavy attack has a chance that the arrow pierces the enemy and the one behind him with 70% of the damage. After three consecutive heavy attacks, the player shoots four fast arrows on multiple or single enemies while the attack is going on. (The damage of each arrow is 60% of a light attack. Every one of these four arrows has the chance to pierce the opponent.)

Heal wand:
The heavy attack has a chance to cause a „state of mind“. It reduces the opponents Attack / Magic power by 60 points for 4 seconds. It increases the players Attack / Magic power by 60 points for 4 seconds.
After three consecutive heavy attacks, a small ball shoots to the target which causes a big holy nova. All opponents in the area of the nova get a 200% life regeneration increasement. (Of opponents are hit, heeling is fully absorbed for 2 seconds.)

Destruction wand:
The heavy attack has the chance to confuse the opponent for 3 seconds. (In PVP, disoriented players are not able to walk straight for 3 seconds.)


Lightning wand:
After three consecutive and during the 4th heavy attacks, a ball of lightning shoots in the direction of the opponent. On its way, it deals 50% of the heavy attack damage to all opponents in that direction. It causes 150% damage if it explodes when it strikes.

Fire wand:
After three consecutive heavy attacks, the player rams his wand in the ground and a lava column opens in front of it, which damages all enemies by fire for 4 sec. with 50% of the damage dealt.

Ice wand:
After three consecutive heavy attacks, the player rams his staff in the ground, a trail of ice spikes shoot from the ground that skewers all opponents. (Causes damage and holds the opponents in place for 1 sec.)

Blocking: Blocking light attacks also gives a bonus, explaind later. That motivates the tactical proceeds in fights, and not just the silly jumping through the areas and spamming damage.

Two-handed weapons:
After the block, the following attack executed in 5 seconds causes 5% more damage.

Two one-handed weapons: After blocking, the attack speed is increaseed for light and heavy attacks for 3 second by 15%.

After blocking a attack, the running speed increases for 3 seconds by 60%.

One-handed weapon and shield:
After blocking, the player receives a shield that absorbs 50% of the following damage.

Destruction / Heal wand:
After blocking, for 2 seconds the player recieves a shield that absorbs the following damage by 30%

Light and severe attacks:
There are characters (thief, tresurehunter, assasin) who change the players running, drinking, or even eating an apple. Please also introduce different combat styles into the game that show a change of animations of holding the weapon also the style of fighting whit light and heavy attacks. You could even spend money in the Shop to buy new characteristics. Full style options (that changes heavy and light attacks and also the way you hold your weapon) And this for every single weapon separately that you can wield, so the players are able to create there own style set. (Like the personality tab in the interface)

Final words:
I hope you like my improvement suggestions and it will start an argument, please suggest my post. So that the post might even find its the way to Zenimax and they put some of this into the game. Any ideas, except for the new animations, would enter the game with little effort.

Coming suggestions for improvement from me:
All weapon skill lines
All classes skills
A skill line for sneaking
A new weapon skill line "one-handed weapon and magic"
General improvements of ESO
More interesting ESO Shop who would bring more money to zenimax

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