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The Elder Scrolls Online: what a miserable experience

Gamingtodaynews1b - The Elder Scrolls Online: what a miserable experience

If only I had listened to the less biased opinions about the game, like the ones on this sub…

I’m not really into the MMORPG scene myself, but as the big fan of Elder Scrolls lore I am, I decided to purchase ESO. And as expected, it really delivers in this aspect. Shame I can’t say the same about everything else… But to keep the story short, this game basically crashed my external hard drive after freezing my PS4 so many times. So now I have to format my HD and lose my data. Thanks for that, Zenimax. And if you think I’m one of the rare unlucky ones, just google “ESO crashing”. It happens mostly with PS4 players, but not exclusively. This situation is absurd. If you’re a console player and is planning on playing this game in the future, DO NOT store it in your external hard drive and do not play it with your hard drive plugged.

And then there’s the ridiculously overpriced crowstore. I’m obviously ok with the MMO experience and with Zenimax wanting to charge for DLC or even ESO Plus, but those prices in the crownstore are still a joke. The fact that you need almost 15 dollars for an appearance change token that only works once says everything that needs to be said. I can get behind the heavy prices for race and name change, but you could freely change your appearance in previous Elder Scrolls games, either by mods/console commands or face sculptor. I don’t give a damn if ZOS wants to charge for outfits and special hairstyles, but if they also want to charge such an absurd price for appearance change tokens, they could very well be available for use more than once. And let’s not even bring up the frustrating lack of edition tools to be used when changing your appearance, which is the worst offender. How many people have wasted their money buying those tokens and editing their characters under a certain lighting, only to find out that they look like ass under a different lighting? Imagine actually paying 15 dollars a month in ESO Plus and still having to use your crowns for a single appearance token?


Speaking of ESO Plus, despite the die-hard fans of ESO swearing that the price is fair, I beg to differ. If you don’t pay in dollars, you’ll probably have to pay a shitload of money. And it’s not like the game is free to download or anything. And before a very smart redditor comes with “Wow, a company wants to charge for their product”, no, it’s not about that. You can be as apologist as you want as far as I’m concerned, just don’t pull a strawman on me.

I’m downloading the game again after having to delete it after the last crash, which fucked my hard drive, but with a very bitter taste in my mouth. Not sure if I’ll keep playing (or even if the freezings will subside).

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