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The Epic Games Store does not seem to comply with the GDPR laws

Gamingtodaynews1g - The Epic Games Store does not seem to comply with the GDPR laws

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Upon researching it for a short time, I've found that several parts of the new Epic Store's privacy policy seems to go against the data protection laws set by the EU.

We store personal information for as long as we reasonably need it to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected We may share, or provide you with opportunities to share, information about you with other users of our websites, games, game engines, and applications as described in this policy

We may share personal information we collect within our family of companies. We also will share information with service providers that perform services on our behalf and under our instructions

We also may share certain limited information, such as device identifiers, with advertisers and other marketing partners for purposes of gauging the effectiveness of advertising and other marketing strategies

As part of our international operations, we may transfer information about you to any jurisdiction where we do business…

The laws in those jurisdictions may not provide the same level of data protection compared to the laws in your country.

If you are located in the EU or the Epic entities located in the EU process your personal information in the EU, then you have the right to restrict or object to our processing of your personal information. The right to restrict processing arises only in limited circumstances, for example, if you think we are processing inaccurate information. In addition, if we are required to restrict processing but the requirement is temporary, we may not be permanently obligated to adhere to your request.

Reddit user /u/baciti , who claims to be a "certified data protection officer for a company operating within the EU" has left a very detailed answer to all of these points, which I will copy as a comment below. The important part is already stated at the beginning:

Generally their policy isn't good, nor does it conform with the requirements of the GDPR. They're already in violation of at least Article 12 GDPR solely based on the excerpts you've posted.

Thoughts and opinions are welcome, especially from other data protection law experts.

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