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The era of great games is over for me.

Gamingtodaynews1e - The era of great games is over for me.

Don't get me wrong. I like most of the games today but nothing stands out anymore. Nothing is iconic anymore, nor does anything stay in my head anymore.

Today I booted up my xbox 360 I haven't used in 2-3 years. And it genuinely makes me sad to see some gems in the 360 store rest, left forever. Old Call of Duty games, all of the Lego themed games, Batman, first 2 Forza Horizon parts, Saints Row or even the first Indie/Arcade Games. There were so many great games, and each and every one of them felt special in some way. Many games I played back them even got removed forever without context.

I might be speaking from nostalgia and the fact that my mind changed completely over the years, but I think I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

Nowadays I feel like it's mainly about money and not about entertaining the consumers anymore. "Here is another DLC, but don't forget to download 30gigs of 0 content each week to still be able to play this game. Oh by the way, you can't play it offline against bot. you also have to register to 10 different launchers to be able to play." (Little sarcastic rant by me) Anyway, games don't feel like they used to be. It's more of a forced addiction through for example daily tasks than an addiction because of the fun-factor.

I don't really know which games to play anymore. There's so much choice but so little impressive games. I noticed this after I got myself a PC and a newer xbox. Every genre is full of games and I almost fall asleep every time I scroll through Steam or Epic Games.


Here's an important point that randomly came to my mind whilst writing this: There are simply barely any demos anymore. Old pc's / consoles were full with them and they gave you a nice sneak peek into a game without having to pay for it. I had more fun playing demos back then then playing full games now because even the demos back then had some nice features or hidden things.

There were barely any games that hooked me up from 2018 to 2020. But the games that did are listed below (FYI):

GTA V (Story Mode)

RiME (Indie Sandbox Game with wonderful story)

Forza Horizon 4 (great community, many stuff to do which aren't forced on you)

Rocket League (very competitive, good if you want to try something completely different)

Farming Simulator 19 (gave me a great view into the agriculture, had a very relaxed time playing it)

Trainz Simulator '09 (gave me a great view into the train world, also had a very relaxed time playing it, endless possibilities)

What are your opinions on this?


•old games better than current ones?

•current games are money focused?

•rant on new games?

•too many games of each genre?

•demos are good?

Also what do you think of my list of games?

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