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The first game of each generation

Gamingtodaynews1e - The first game of each generation

Some one could say that the first game of each generation are the launch titles of the first console of each generation but I couldn't disagree more, I will explain why!

6 generation:

Street fighter 3 The New generation: ST3 is very controversial because it had a new cast of characters with the experience of Ryo and Ken.

Like it or not you have to admit that It was very impressive game at the time, street fighter 3 was made for the CPS 3, witch was a very powerful machine, the design of the character Gill was made only to show the CPS 3 capabilities to handle sprits, the game was never realised to the ps1, Sega Saturn or n64.

About Red earth:

It was the first game for the CPS 3 so why not considered the first 6 Gen game?

Red earth is a very impressive game but it don't think it's impressive enough to consider it the first 6 Gen.

Half life:

Street fighter 3 was a 2D(a really good one) but what about 3d game!

well half life was a game that had nothing like that before, the cutting edge graphics made half life a unforgettable piece of gaming history.

7 Generation:

Half life 2: The Graphics was something really special, but what make half life 2 so special was the physics that still hold on, Thanks to the source engine witch make the game, a masterpiece of pc gaming.

I know there was a Xbox port but they had to make some major cuts to fit the game on the Xbox.



The game was revolutionary, I think that I should highlight the slow motion, the game could only be played on the most powerful PC at the time, it had the best graphics at time and it was never realised on the PS2, Xbox and GameCube.

8 Generation:

Thad a hard time thinking about what game should I choose, I was thinking about beyond two souls, The last of Us, SimCity (2013) Shadow Warrior(2013) and Criss 3 1 dicided to look back and chose…

The Sims 3:

It may seem a strange decision but, it had a open city, in the Sims 1 and 2 each house or building had your own area and if you want to see another area you would have to see a another loading screen, but the Sims 3 was different it had only one area, the down side was the loading screen, the were very long, like 2 or 3 minutes and most PC had difficulties to run the game.

9 Generation:

Half life alex:

Normally VR games are normally smaller experience but half life alex prove that it's not nessesary truth, and it is the game with the best graphics on VR.

Microsoft flight simulator:

A game that use Claud , AI, GPS and streaming to create the real world, this game scream future because it is, a lot of people bought the new Nvidia GPU only to play this game, I think that MFS was the most important game of 2020.

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