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The future of open world games shouldn’t just be making the world bigger and making more ways to traverse it, the future of games need to be.. dense games.

Gamingtodaynews1e - The future of open world games shouldn't just be making the world bigger and making more ways to traverse it, the future of games need to be.. dense games.

With next gen consoles around the corner, new lines of pc parts that will shine and a plethora of new titles that are very exciting. There's a lot to look forward to in the industry. Even though one of the most anticipated games in cyberpunk got one final delay, it's going to be an exciting holiday, and with new tech comes new ideas.

I just recently finished 3 games I want to talk about, the first is Spiderman which I had beaten previously 2 years ago, the second is Elder scrolls oblivion and the 3rd is one of my favorites, breath of the wild. Spiderman is a blast because you can swing anywhere in this city for miles (no pun intended) and fight cool enemies, however.. it's missing something.

There isn't much to explore in the city itself.. you can walk around all you want but there's nothing down there, just generic characters with no interaction. The buildings are almost all shut similar to GTA and that's what makes me think. What if a lot of the buildings had an entrance?

Now obviously on a ps4 that's gonna be impossible. The world is huge on its own, there are tons and tons of buildings so there's no way it's happening.. but what if we shrunk the world and made more and more explorable? This is my idea of the future. We don't need to keep making these absolutely giant worlds that take 100s of hours to explore when they're empty. We need worlds that aren't nearly as big and will be filled with content.

Oblivion was a masterpiece for it's time. I mean it may be empty but the fact that that game could run on your Xbox 360 in 06 was incredible. As I played I realized that between areas.. the entire world was almost useless.. honestly a lot of people who have played this game might say the same. In skyrim there were plenty of collectables scattered but oblivion felt like a minecraft plains biome.


I think for the elder scrolls 6, a world with lots of towns to explore, diversity through the towns in terms of what to do and things to find, would be perfect. Skyrim did a great job at this and maintained a massive world, now imagine if we could do the same with ES6 but make it even more dense. More caves, more houses scattered, more people to meet. More creepy shit to find at night, imagine all of that.

The last game that really needed a bit more density although it's one of my top 5 favorite games ever is Zelda Breath Of The Wild. Anyone who's played this for 30+ hours would know, there's repetition to it. You find an enemy camp, there's a cool chest on top, you fight the same 10 dudes and get the chest. That isn't how Zelda used to be.

In the next open Zelda, they could shorten the world and fill it in like crazy. Imagine they cut the world size of BOTW in half. That's still pretty sizeable, but in that world they fill it with 8-10 themed dungeons, like a forest temple inside of a large forest with a village to find.. and throughout the world, finding cool new items and weapons like an unbreakable Hook shot, and new enemies in every section, not just the same 5 types.

There are so many other games that I could go through, I mean Horizon 2 is coming out next year and I was a bit disappointed when I heard it's getting a ps4 release since now it's going to be held back a bit, but horizon could be shrunk and filled with things to explore similarly to what I hope happens with zelda or ES.

I don't know how many of you would agree exactly but as time goes on I think devs need to start making a split, give up some of the empty world if it means filling in the other areas.

TL;DR, rather than make the world big, fill a smaller world up.

Thanks for reading.

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