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The future of war games should be full of horrific emergent gameplay

Gamingtodaynews1e - The future of war games should be full of horrific emergent gameplay

Tl;dr: I would like to see war gameplay shift from massive battles to personal conflicts, and utilize a style similar to the last of us, with impactful, sometimes sickeningly visceral combat akin to real war. I'm also kind of high and ramble (a lot)

I'm writing on a phone, so I'm sorry for the errors and formatting.

To me, it seems like the future of war games should allow for some of the emergent gameplay we see in open world sandbox/survival type games. Let me clarify, because that's a ton of keywords. Open world style games like mgsv, and sandbox/survival type games like tlou 1&2. There are much better examples of the former, but tlou is more on rails style sandbox gameplay. But the actual combat is more why I use the game as an example. That game plays like a horror game where every bit of damage is super important. Every time you make sound, it has to be deliberate and thought out. You may feel like you have an advantage one minute, only to be totally overwhelmed, out of ammo, and running away to hide the next. That is the type of gameplay war games should have in my opinion.

Shifting topic because I'm high and rambling and just want to get down some of these points.

Emergent gameplay found in online games like battlefield and cod is probably the closest besides the mil-sim genre that games have come to showing off war and the horrors that come with. Most recently bf1 and v have had pretty good examples of this with their "campaigns" as well as the online modes. I haven't played much cod so I can't comment much on the current games. But the super soldier formula is tired by now, and it's often been done to death by games that look like rambo tropes on crack. Now even serious takes come off hollow in this formula (recent bf campaigns, the codww2 that was free for a bit). Shoot some "enemies", duck down when the screen turns red, and you can patch that health back up ad nauseam.

In games like tlou2, every encounter with an enemy is tense and meaningful. Your blood starts pumping and you question your actions more when you can see the struggle in your victim's eyes and hear the choked off pleading for breath, squeaking out of their mouths.


In future releases featuring war, I would like to see a transition to this style of fewer, more personal conflicts rather than the entire war at huge scale with supersoldiers mowing down squads of faceless enemies. I want to get to know a small group of guys, and experience a select few uncut moments of the war with that group. Get to know my guys and losing them actually matters because they are just kids thrown into a propaganda-fueled meat grinder together, trying to survive, pitted against a nearly identical group of young guys doing the same. Give me band of brothers the game.

Give me 1917, go from point a to point b indie game of just running, and experiencing a couple intense moments of a short few days of the war. Make me feel the impact of getting shot. Make me patch up my wounds or clearly suffer through them until I can do so.

I understand there is so much controversy to this, but films have made a tremendous leap from macho man Rambo to fairly honest takes of the horrors of war on all sides, not just for 'merica.

Most recently, talks of six days in fallujah, along with a recent playthrough of tlou2, have had me thinking. It would be really interesting for a game set in ww1 or 2 to have combat closer to the last of us or resident evil (beginning game) style where you are literally on edge and can lose your life to a single shot. It is war after all.

Also the idea of killzone doing a game from the helghast perspective, or star wars bf2 which tried a bs stormtrooper perspective. Plus I remember rainbow six vegas being pretty fun when you made it realistic difficulty and could go down in one shot to the head.

Idk, I'm sorry to take up so much time for anyone who read this far, but thanks for doing so and please let me know your thoughts.

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