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The Horrors of Runescape 3 [player review]

Gamingtodaynews1g - The Horrors of Runescape 3 [player review]

or how a low-quality, low-effort subpar single player game masquerades as a MMORPG.

I hav researched the game for a few days and I decided to try it out, even though it did not look promising from all the reviews and discussions on the internet…

I would like to say that the game proved to be pretty bad, and I will list some cons along with the small amount of pros the game has. Let me preface this by saying that I am generally used to old-school hardcore games like Ultima Online and Eve that present danger and challenge both in PVP, crafting and PVE and actually feel like a real world where you can live, make a living with you crafting skills and actually communicate with other players meaningfully (something Runescape lacks).

CONS – This is by no means a MMO game. It is a single player game that does everything in its power to PREVENT you from playing with others. Example: I decided to play with my gf. I "requested assistance" and selected all possible options for sharing XP. Yet when we went to kill some wolves, only the first attacker gets any XP from the mob. How? Why? What is the purpose of this and why do they disincentivize you from playing with others?

I have heard people say that others will let you die to a mob in this game because they gain nothing (loot or xp) from helping you out. Does this sound like a MMO community? Also, the only reason we were able to share loot from mobs is because we chose a specific server that ALLOWS loot sharing. You gotta select a server for that, you can't just do it by default. How dumb does it get?

  • This is not a MMO game. Interactions with others, when not outright punished, are simply not required. Because of this nobody will ever talk to you, nobody will ever run up to you and ask for help with that quest or this mob. Everything is piss easy and requires literally zero help from others.

  • The game has no PVP. PVP is restricted to a single area in the game that nobody ever goes to because…

  • …because the population left in this game is extremely risk-averse. If you read the forums or reddit you'll see how these carebears are afraid of losing their items. Pick any other game that has PVP – if you run up to some dudes and tell them "Hey guys, I just got PKd in this spot, can you come help me?" they will most likely respond – "hey sure bro, let us just put our expensive armor in the bank and put on some cheaper armor and we'll come". Here? No way. People (if you even manage to find them in game) will just ignore you or get a panick attack thinking you're luring them into some trap. Just image what kind of players this game has managed to retain. Makes sense – everyone worth their salt has left long ago and happily plays other, actual MMOs.

  • The game world is EXTREMELY small. I always thought the world in Ultima was unbelievably small but then I saw Runescape…

  • On top of the above point, you can teleport anywhere at any time free of charge, making the world feel even smaller and less significant. There is no travel because it is not required and no danger to brave along the way because there is no danger, be it from mobs, PKers or other hazards.

Basically, as someone else said, this is a child's mmo, something to introduce your 5-6 year old to until they're mature enough to play real MMORPGs. Of course, the adults playing this have very childish attitudes. All they do is mindlessly train skills all day in a safe and boring environment.

Now to the very few pros:

  • Pretty game world, at least to the extent the graphics allow it.

  • Nice quests with interesting storylines, even though they're all singleplayer, you can't do them as a group (or at least most of them).

  • Nice life skills, the game has all kinds of skills that let you craft, or procure various resources, or summon creatures. Sadly it has no effect on this game since nothing really poses a challenge.

  • Allegedly, late-game PVE content that requires effort and grouping. At least that's what the community says. I don't believe their claims because I already know what they are.

  • Tons upon tons of content and lore – sadly most of it is easy and feels unrewarding.

That's pretty much it. If you want a single-player game with quests and people running around in the background making you feel like you're in a MMO world without actually ever interacting with you – this game might be for you. This game is also for you if you're a risk averse carebear who believes everyone who's into PVP is some kind of maniac or mentally ill person in real life.

This game is absolutely NOT for you if you want to play an actual MMORPG that offers challenge, struggle and interesting content.

Hope this helps you avoid this game and not waste time on it.

I know the local carebears will screech about me just wanting to "grief" people but the truth is, I have never been good at pvp in UO or Eve, but I have always valued the fact that these games create a dangerous environment where every action feels meaningful and rewarding, and getting away from PKers when traveling with fat loots in your inventory makes you feel so great.

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