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The inability to stay with a game consistently (especially single player games)

Gamingtodaynews1e - The inability to stay with a game consistently (especially single player games)

I've been thinking about this quite a bit because of my own personal struggles with the topic. Everyone here always has amazing insight, so I was hoping to think aloud for a bit and hear your thoughts as well.

I've always had trouble staying on "one game" for the most part. Especially single player games. There are exceptions to this, but I'll touch on that later.

Most games I play nowadays, and for the past 10 years or so have been multiplayer games. Not just split screen, but games like MMORPGs (GW2, Tera, Runescape), shooters (Overwatch, Planetside, Rainbow Six), and competitive games (Dota, Starcraft). These games are designed to last a significant amount of time, and the survivability of the game is based on the engagement of players. This means that content does not significantly evolve over time (or if it does, like WoW, for example, only the most recent content is made relevant, while the rest lies dormant). This makes these games easy to come back to. I can take a several years long break, come back, and jump right back in. I don't have to remember where I am.

This also allows me to switch between these games at a rapid pace. I can play Starcraft one day, Overwatch the next, and then Dota, GW2, and Planetside all in one evening. It seems pretty nice, but at the same time, I long for a game that can hold my attention longer. The games that have managed to do this in the past are the Legend of Zelda series (not the open world style, but the main series), and the game Planetside 2. I don't really know what managed to hold my attention for so long, but something in the games really felt good.


Now that I've gone through all of those, I'm trying all these new single player games out. Assassin's creed, Dishonored, Darksiders, Dark Souls, etc. Lots of fantasy style games. A lot of the time, they feel clunky to me, and that's alright. But when I get home from work, I don't go to those games. Sometimes I mix all of them up, or I just go and play my multiplayer games. Months go by, I come back, and I've completely forgotten where I was, what I was doing, what puzzle I was in the middle of, or any other random thing.

Now that I'm just about through with most of what the multiplayer games have to offer, aside from repeated PvP content, my attention wanders to games like FFXIV, ESO, and WoW, but their prices are extreme compared to many of the single player games I own or that I could purchase. The single player games should technically give me more value for the money.

So why am I drawn towards very expensive multiplayer games? Is it the "ongoing" nature of the game? Is it the social aspect? Even MMORPGs don't have the same social focus they used to. Many are just single player games with raids at the end if people want to queue up randomly and never see each other again.

I guess I'm just not really understanding myself as an enjoyer of games at the moment. I still enjoy them, but I don't know the reasons why.

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