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The lack of good tactical games made me quit gaming

Gamingtodaynews1e - The lack of good tactical games made me quit gaming

I loved Splinter Cell 1 -3, and I absolutely loved the coop-gameplay of 3!

What I adored even more, where our coop-sessions of Rainbow Six 3 Gold / Ravenshield and SWAT 5! Man, I even replayed SWAT 5 last year together with some friends!

I absolutely loved the slow, methodical and on-the-toes approach of these games! Every week I played it, I felt like my problem-solving-skills at work got better! I kid you not!

But these games are gone. The (surely planned) lack of online-support and new content killed these great games.

I tried to get into Rainbow Siege, but its like constant noise, blatant and even ridiculousdumbassery (like the police-teams are being heroes now? wtf? It looks and plays like someone took Overwatch and Fortnite and threw them into a blender together with Counterstrike and just sprinkled some greedy marketing-schemes on top!). Also: can anyone please slap the designers of their menus please? framedrops inside their menues, everything looks like a tablet-interface with zero actual information. gakma!

There aren't games like RS 3 Gold or Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter anymore. Games that gave you the adrenaline rush – not because they blare trumpets, explosions and dust that would make every holi-festivcal blush into you face, but because the gameplay (and options!) themselves made you deeply satisfied!

"Tactical" games nowadays are shit! They are!

How old is Raven Shield gold now? *takes a look* 18 Years! 18 YEARS!

And you could play cooperatively with BOTS! You could use door-peeking, could plan your approach had so many options! The AI was so ahead of its time.


Anyone remembers? You could send your guys in, could distinguish between different teams and tell them stuff. Like "open and clear" or "open and clear" or "and use this grenade".

It had a campaign, a coop-mode (that admittedly didn't work supersmooth because of the shit internet-connection and weird configurations, but the LAN-Parties were and are still a blast!

And the BEST thing about all that?

These games weren't so bloated, so overstuffed with useless crap that all new games supposedly need.

Graphical effects that will just look stupid in some years (oddly enough, SWAT 5 and Rainbow 3 still win it, because of their "simplistic" optical design!).

40 – 60 GB for a game nowadays? Also do I need to upgrade my graphics-card again, just because the makers of "READY OR NOT" thought their game must look "next gen"?!

Siege has performance-issues already, and I remember I could play it super-buttery-smooth on release. – not that I want to play this hectic, untactical mix of Overwatch and Counterstrike any longer!

If any developer reads this:

PLEASE, give us a "SWAT 6" or TRUE Rainbow Six game, that doesn't look "hyper-realistic" with useless graphical effects up the arse, and isn't so bloated I'll need to buy another hdd just for a new game!

Whats so hard with that? Why does every game nowadays feel the need to look "better" than reality or be "Competitive multiplayer" only?

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