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The Lack of passionate Industry leaders willing to revive dead franchises

Gamingtodaynews1e - The Lack of passionate Industry leaders willing to revive dead franchises

Before i begin i just wanted to say im disregarding metriod prime 4 from this discussion as its clearly revived and i really hope it does well. Now thats out of the way lets talk about dead ips at nintendo. There’s a bunch of them. They are all products of bad marketing,lack of being on a successful console (gamecube,n64, snes, and obviously wiiu, while all good consoles didn’t sell as good as they should have) bad timing, ruined with a gimmick( StarFox zero, chibi robo ziplash) or maybe it sold decent and nintendo just forgot about it (kid icarus Uprising). No matter what situation,nintendo has alot of dead franchises that have never gotten the chance to really shine due to unsuccessful platforms and when they did, they were to focused on the causal market(Wii). With the switch, nintendo could very well revive dead franchise’s. Games like Pikmin and Chibi robo could very well be the next nintendo mascot due to the cuteness factor and very engaging gameplay that caters to all ages yet nintendo is behind the industry. While Sony and (sometimes) Microsoft continue to innovate with new ips. Nintendo just sticks with the few system sellers and calls it a day. The success of Splatoon has helped a lot with showing how well a new ip can do but when Splatoon came out nintendo was super desperate to save the wiiU and with a much safer console like the switch they may not take that risk again. I wanna see people within nintendo who have a passion for making games no matter the ip. People like Shigeru Miyamoto, a very talented and creative man, could very well revive franchises as he literally created Mario and Zelda. Im not gonna go into to many names as there are several people just as talented and it would take to long to name them all but the point is all that creativity with in the country can not just flow into the same 2 franchises forever. 3d Mario’s and Zelda’s come once every 5+ years (disregarding sequels like majoras mask, super Mario galaxy 2, botw 2) and creating new titles between them can generate a ton of revenue. Imagine if we got games on the scale of Mario more frequently. Instead of the next Mario title i wanna see Mario take risk and Zelda take risk too. Smaller budget titles can still be big success, look at Sakurai who was able to revive Kid Icarus and make it my favorite 3ds game. With sakura working on smash others must step up. When iwata was alive he was open to any idea and no matter the project he would always push developers to create new things and strive for more than just big stuff. Now that he’s dead i have no idea if the president is pushing such idea. I really hope nintendo does use the switch as a opportunity for new things as we are half way into its lifecycle and while its not likely, nintendo could surprise us.


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