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The main reasons the mmorpg genre is dying

Gamingtodaynews1g - The main reasons the mmorpg genre is dying

The combat is boring-

Who wants to play a game where you sit and watch buttons light up and can't get immersed in the game because of all the random crud on the screen. I'm not playing a spreadsheet simulator I want to play a video game. Sure some games have good combat, but then other systems just ruin the experience.

The quests are repetitive and boring-

Just about every mmorpg has this obsessing with fetch or collect quests, and it's honestly mind numbingly boring. I don't want to collect 3 boar hides because you need to craft armor for your pig I just don't care. This has been one of the biggest downsides for mmorpgs.

The stories aren't that good.-

Look at games like Witcher 3 you have immersive quests where you don't want to leave the world, and you want to experience more of the what's going on. I want to know more about the wild hunt and that keeps me wanting more. The last time we got close to this level of questing was in wrath of the lich king in wow. After that they just stopped caring or just made a generic story to get players to the raids. make the stories interesting, and engaging get some production value behind the stories make them good.

The screen is filled with unnecessary crud-

Why do I have to see a screen filled with numbers, notifications, combat meters, or some trade crud. Some of these games have amazing graphics and I can't appreciate them because there's 100 different things on screen that I just don't care about or want to care about why is everyone so accepting of garbage and this is one of those trash ideas that have carried over forever with the genre.

Everything has an intentional progress block or time gates everything-

Why do I have to get blocked because next week a new quest is coming out that's already programmed in the game? Seriously if I'm paying money to play your mmo don't block progress because you want me to play more. This is the most annoying thing in the world. So many companies are straight greedy and need to block progress so play time can be shown to investors. Get rid of this garbage asap. This is the biggest downside ever in any mmorpg.

Lack of innovation in general-


Why does every mmorpg rely on such outdated systems and ideas? What ever happened to innovation. Why does every mmorpg feel like a carbon copy of wow or some spreadsheet simulator for accountants to play in their free time. There's so many games with better ideas that no mmorpg developer ever uses for whatever reason. I'm really getting sick of mmorpgs releasing and they become so boring because of bloated systems, bad quest design or boring combat. The people who make these games must be living under a rock, because an mmorpg with witcher 3 level combat graphics and questing would be amazing, but instead they try to make it like wow. In reality wow is a terrible game meant for boring people who like repetition and boredom. It's time to change and if there's no innovation you can kiss this genre goodbye.

The communities are straight toxic and rude-

Why is it anytime you make the slightest complaint or suggestion for change on any mmorpg forum you're harassed into oblivion. This is ridiculous and absurd. The fact people still act like a bunch of spoiled kids who have to get their way every step of the way needs to change. This mob of jackbutts need to get over themselves and learn to debate again. Not everyone is going to be right, but you can admit things need to change. Also the level of trolls in this game is so high how can new players even try to play or get involved in the community? If you want the mmorpg genre to change the players need to change with it as well. What's up with the hardcore players gate keeping everything? If I recall beating the raid is beating the raids. Instead you need a gearscore well above requirments, your first born son, 30,000 dollar down payment, and a left kidney to even get a chance at getting in a raid. Get real this is so toxic and it's only hurting the community. You can't ever expect to have fun with this level of gate keeping.

No epic scale or awe to aspire to-

Where's the urgency to get the best gear when all they cater towards is hardcore players who live in their mom's basement. Mmorpgs thrive off the casual player base, and if that player base has no goals to achieve they will find something new to play. This has ruined numerous games, and is ruining wow as we speak. If you have to grind thru 4 raid difficulties and 27 dungeon difficulites who is that going to benifit besides the hardcore player. I would even think hardcore players are getting sick of this. Would a normal and hard difficulty work out and give people time to do things outside of the game. I have no idea what imbeciles came up with this concept, but this has to go. THis game isn't a full time job it's a video game.

Sorry for the bad grammar, but I just felt this was necessary to say since the hardcore fanbase won't ever understand why people quit these games.

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