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The MMO RPG of your dreams

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Let's imagine that this subreddit would have the possibility to make its own MMO game. And excluding the good graphics/musics/arts, what would be the features that make an MMO the MMO of your dreams?


For me it would be something like this:

– First and more important : as a player in a MASSIVELY MULTI PLAYER game we should play a nobody. An insignifiant soldier among others soldiers. Not the hero of time, the commander or other shitty title. If we become (in)famous in game, it's not because the game decided it (just for us) but because we have done some serious shit that when others players see the (in)famous, they know (s)he has done THAT SHIT.

– The game HAS to be social. Some quests can be soloted but most of the games you have to interact with others. Maybe at the beginning of the game you have to chose a faction/guild/group/clan/crew/anything that you would have to be accountable to. Your adventure is to make your group more important (power, richness, …). You resolve quests to help your group. You have commandants (NPC or specific player) who lead their group to a specific path and the members of the group have to obey (or leave and join another group).


– Quests should be a contribution to a metaquest that should rotate based on the contributions of the players. Something like Guild Wars 2 but with more diversity in the same map. If you take a quest from an NPC, it should not be something like "I lost the ring of my father, could you get it plz? it's somewhere near these frogs. Kill them to find it". Since there is only ONE ring of his father this quest does not belong to a MMO game. But something like "We are the resistance. We fight againt the corrupted king, help us by saboting this castle and we will give you some gold and fame" is more suitable to a MMO RPG.

– We should try to break the rotation based gameplay. Most efficient gameplay would be a turn based one for me. But it's not something that suit most of players. What I hate in current gameplays are the cool downs and the lack of RNG that make every battle predictible.

– The game does not have to be difficult to be fun. This does not mean that the game has to be brain dead. Today from level one to the beginning of the end game, the game is no fun and shit. You play with the promise that at the end it will be fun (and probably) but to the end we have to do something like 30h of shitty quests and irrelevants missions before joining the current players (or buy a sesame lol..).


I am serously thinking of making a ASCII game (so I avoid all the graphic/music part) to test if an MMO with these ideas would be something relevant or not. But first I would like to see your suggestions.

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