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The # of Early Access titles on Steam is ridiculous

Gamingtodaynews1e - The # of Early Access titles on Steam is ridiculous

TL;DR – Ranting about how Early Access games are mostly just a scam to get people to pay these companies/developers to test their incomplete game that is nowhere near being released.

So, I was on Steam just seeing what they got – I browse it when bored to see what all is new (not just MMO wise in case there's some kind of game I haven't heard of before to help pass time). I decided to go to the Early Access section to see what all there is because in the What's Popular section I noticed a lot of Early Access titles (most costing $$) and I wanted to see just how many titles are charging for "Early Access". I got to 39 pages of free Early Access titles out of 157 pages – that means there's 118 pages just full of "Early Access" games that you have to pay to try out and while some of them may actually be a legit Early Access (and some might still just have the Early Access tag, dunno how Steam works tbh), thinking of the number of those that are actually still in testing stages is ridiculous.

Let me break this down real quick – right now we have thousands of people on this subreddit just waiting for these games that were announced to be released, some people are playing on those games, however the thing is most of them are in an "Early Access" phase where you have to pay them to test their game for them. There's always threads exclaiming how Early Access is just a ripoff and that's true, I don't consider a game still in it's testing phases "Early Access" because it's usually how many people are just scamming folks into paying them for a game that will never release (or it will release and it'll be absolute dog shit). There's been millions of dollars invested into these supposed "Early Access" games that aren't even 1 year from being ready and are charging people anywhere from less than a dollar to upwards of hundreds of dollars for the "Founders Pack" (which is just a fancy way of saying "Hey here's this useless shit I'm going to give you for paying me to test my game out for me").


I will say I'm a bit irked by this whole ordeal because all this does is encourage more companies to do this scam since it does clearly work – I mean hell, I've seen people recommend some of these games still in testing phases that are nowhere near being complete and it costs like $10-100 just to be able to test the game out, it makes 0 sense. I understand if you enjoy the game but it's not fully released, it's not an actual full game yet, you shouldn't have to pay to test a game out – not entirely sure but I believe this screws with the companies that actually are paid to test the games and pay professional testers to test the game out to do stress tests on the game to make sure everything is ready to go before release. A movie comes to mind, Grandma's Boy (while it is a funny stoner film by the guys who have been in several Sandler films) and it shows that people actually got paid to test games, I looked it up and was surprised to find it to be true. They don't just hire anyone though, I tried to do it and holy hell the list of things several companies wanted from you was something I didn't have all those years ago (and still don't). Anyway, sorry for the long rant, I just wanted to say that Early Access games that charge you to test their game out are scumbags and that it's catching on quicker than I had previously thought.

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