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The online features for Smash Bros Ultimate are absolutely awful

Gamingtodaynews1f - The online features for Smash Bros Ultimate are absolutely awful

So for those who don't know, this is how you can play online currently on smash with Strangers:

  1. Create preferred rules and wait for a quick match, where matchmaking will put you up against someone who 'closely' matches your rules.

  2. Create an online lobby called an Arena for you and up to 7 other players to play specific rules you choose. You can also join a lobby of your choice.

The problem with number one is that it doesn't put weight into the correct rules. The obvious rules that should be set in stone are 1on1 vs free for all and Items on or off

I can tolerate being on time vs stock (even though I'd rather not). And I can tolerate certain stages (though some of them are completely awful for competitive play).

I've tried playing all last night and tonight with a set of rules that people have agreed on on reddit and 4chan (1v1, 3 stock, 7 min and no items) So far out of the 30 matches I've played, at least 75% of them have been free for all matches, or 1v1 matches with items on.

(As a side note, I don't care if you like items on and stages with hazards, it's your game… I simply don't want to play that way)


This is bad for people looking for a competitive match, as well as people who are looking for a casual free for all. Nobody is happy with the way it is now. It worked fine in Smash 4 with for glory being specifically split from free for all.

The problem with number two is that lobbies are incredibly limited. Only one pair of players can play at a time (assuming you want to do 1v1s) and everyone else has to spectate and wait in line to take a match. If the owner of the server decides to leave, then too bad because it's now closed and you have to start again.

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If we could play concurrent matches together or if there were dedicated servers it'd be fine, but as it stands all you can do is wait and hope that the server owner is going to let you have a turn.

I love super smash bros ultimate, but I'm incredibly bummed out that I'm not going to get to play it online competitively with strangers because they decided to streamline something that was fine and didn't need changing.

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