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The Outer Worlds – A trip back in time

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So I have been a huge fan of Obsidian ever since I laid my hands on Fallout: NV. I was younger when NV came out, I remember clearly that I had been away on vacation with a family friend when the game came out but we bought a strategy guide to read on the plane ride home. I got so amped for it over the plane ride and my mom had a special edition preorder waiting for me when I got home. I was so immersed in the game the first time I booted it up. The dialogue was mainly what hooked me in, as well as being able to solve problems in other ways than just running in and gunning everyone in sight down. I played NV over and over as a kid and developed such a great relationship with the game.

Flash forward and Obsidian is releasing a space/western RPG and I got really hyped up. I resisted buying the game initially because I have been trying to break bad habits of buying new games just because they are new. I read some reviews, got dissapointed because most people were casting down pretty harsh judgement on the game. I just wanted another NV style RPG but alas I marked it up as a failure and moved on. I started a game pass subscription for $1 to play Wasteland 3, and what do I see sitting there? The Outer Worlds! I thought what the heck, if there's a time to try it it would be when I can have access to it for so cheap. No drawback if it stinks.


I invited a childhood friend over that also enjoyed NV as much as I did, and we started up the game. All I can say is that I was transported back in time. It played like what my nostalgia brain remembered NV being like for the first time. The speech options really engaged me, I was solving problems without combat, I was making moral decisions! I played for 5 hours that night and basked in the familiar feeling that I could never capture in a game again. Sure there are some flaws, but NV had some glaring flaws to it as well that I was able to look past because I loved it so much.

The Outer Worlds reminded that reading reviews is not the same as experiencing something for yourself. Too often I get caught up in the idea that I cannot enjoy something if the hoard doesn't enjoy it as well. I jump on the bandwagon and assume the general opinion about a game will be exactly the way I feel, so what's the point in even trying? Boy has this game turned my head upside down on that notion.

So now I want to open the floor, why do people claim this game is so shallow and disappointing? I would argue that it is fully engaging with dialogue and combat being fantastic, as well as the worldbuilding. What are the flaws that I am missing? Or am I right, this recaptures the NV feeling perfectly?

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