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The Outer Worlds is not nearly as good as people claim it is. {spoilers}

Gamingtodaynews1b - The Outer Worlds is not nearly as good as people claim it is. {spoilers}

Outerworlds has just come to steam, but I've been playing it on gamespass and I had very little expectations from it. All I knew about it was that it was made by obsidian and it was a RPG in space. I was hugely dissapointed , and I really don't understand why people have been giving it such high praise.

Artstyle / Design

I really liked the aesthetic of the game honestly, Most of the towns had a weird mix of sci-fi, western, and corporate propoganda look to them which I really liked. It did get a bit overwhelming in some areas with all the advertising and mascots, and some of it was a bit in your face with the anti corporation stuff. But it wasn't a big deal, and I understand that it is supposed to be satirical. Ground breaker was especially interesting to me, the first time I opened the doors to the main hall area, I was very impressed with the design. The neon lights flashing in front of an old, rusty metal and pipes was awesome. The wilderness however was pretty boring, there were some trees, some rocks, nothing stood out really. There weren't any cool landmarks or enviormental effects that I saw. I would say that the design was the best part of this game.

Voice Acting

The voice acting is one of the things this game does very well, as far as I can tell, every unique character had a unique voice actor who performed their role amazingly. All of the main questline characters had great actors who were very convincing and talented. The companions were all voiced by talented actors as well, especially Vicor Max and Parvanti really taking the spotlight in my opinion. Even minor characters such as Ash, the story teller were amazing. It really felt like Ash was a broken man just by how he talked. And I would say the same about most of the other unique characters.


The gameplay was honestly not very good, the gunplay was boring with ai just sprinting towards you to get shot. There were only like 5 variations of enemies in the whole game, all of the corporate troops were the same models, with slightly different colour schemes. All the marauders were just copy and pasted with no variations besides what gun they had. However, I wasn't expecting there to be amazing combat and gameplay considering the outer worlds is an rpg game. However, I will say it was still pretty disapointing.


The main questline wasn't that bad, it didn't really do anything risky or have any cool twists but it was alright. I really liked the intro, you get pulled out of stasis by a mad scientist and you don't know whats going on. You get shot out of space to meet Captain Alex Hawthorne of the unreliable, dashing rogue, smuggler, gunslinger etc. Your dropship lands on him and he dies without ever saying a word. I thought that was pretty funny, and I wasn't really expecting it. It gave a good reason for you to commondere his ship and progress the story without someone holding your hand the whole way through the tutorial levels. The characters were all well acted and written I would say. It was however way to short, without doing any of the side quests you would easily be able to finish this game in a couple of hours.


However, while the main questline was good, I cannot say the same for the side content. The side missions in this game were honestly awful. Most of them were just generic fetch quests where all you do was go location A, get thing, come back, mission finished. I don't dislike fetch quests, I can understand that not every quest can be great, but when %90 of the quests are fetch quests, thats when I have a problem. The few quests that I found that didn't follow this formula were also way to short. And weren't really that interesting either, there was a cannibal mission where you had to find out what happened to someone, and all you do is go upstairs, find the body and leave. It takes less than a minute to finish that quest if your moving quickly. After finishing edgewater and groundbreakers "quests" I was really considering whether or not to keep playing since it became such a chore to do. Even the companion quests werent exempt from fetch quests, with Parvatis last quest consisting of going to 4 places, and getting 4 things. The only quests I actually thought were good was the questline involving the deserters and edgewater, however I don't know if I would call them side quests since you had to do them to progress through the main story. I really don't know how the went so wrong with the side quests, I know from Fallout New Vegas that Obsidian are capable of making interesting, unique and fun side missions. And from their other rpg titles like pillers of eternity, so its especially disapointing that none of that creative brilliance found its way into the quest design for the outer worlds.

Minor details

There were other weird and bad choices I saw, like taking a permanant debuff for an extra perk. And most of the perks weren't really that good either, so that was a dumb thing to add. There wasn't really a whole lot of customization available in terms of armour/clothing. There was way to many consumables, I don't think I even used any throughout the whole game other than pressing F occasionaly, I just sold them all every so often because they cluttered my inventory. I didn't really notice a whole lot of unique music, and I wouldn't be able to sing the tune to any of the tracks. Although some of the jingles like "woah woah woah, its rizzlos" and "It's not the best choice, its spacers choice" were really catchy and memorable.

In conclusion, I really think that The Outer Worlds is incredibly overrated, and I wouldn't even say that it is a good game, the aethetic and look of it were very good in most places. And the voice acting was incredible. But everything else was either sub-par (the main questline) or just plain bad (the side content) If I were to give it score out of ten, I would say a 6/6.5 purely because the voice acting and the aethetic was so good. But the game was let down by an ok story, and all the terrible side content.

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