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The Perfect Skating Game

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Hello everyone, before I get in to this, I just want to say as a skater and a gamer, I've been pretty disappointed with the fact that there hasn't been a good skating game for PS4. I remember playing T.H.U.G (Tony Hawk's Underground 1 & 2), T.H.P.S (Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series), and SKATE, and having such a great time with those games, unfortunately, we haven't been blessed with a skate game of that caliber in this generation and I'm not too sure why. I'm aware that Skater XL has been announced for PS4 and I'm excited to see what it has to offer.

So basically, I'm just making this to have a discussion on what would make the perfect skating game, one can dream. I don't think it will catch the eyes of any developers or anything, but that would be pretty sick.

For those of you who've played it, a lot of these features are going to share a resemblance to NFS Heat.

• Customizable Skateboards: This includes decks, trucks, wheels, grip tape, noses & tails, etc. Very detailed and accurate customization that has an actual influence.

• Customizable Skaters: Being able to create your own character in most games always brings an element of sentimentality and personality. With a wide variety of detailed appearance options (clothing, hair, facial features, voice, personality, etc.), it would certainly make the game more personal. I also think it would be pretty sweet to have real brands in the game (this also goes for skateboards).

• Online & Offline/Solo Modes: Similar to how NFS Heat works, I think it would totally kick ass to be able to get a team together online and build rep. Imagine having your own team house, skating around with your friends, tearing up spots, and competing in competitions, all while growing your team's reputation in a vast open world with lots of content. All of this sprinkled with minor features of personality (interactions, emotes, collectibles, decorations, etc.) imo would make for a pretty awesome time. As for the offline/solo mode, I picture it being pretty much the same thing as online except of course, without the online features (npcs replacing players).

• Story: In a game like this, I personally think the story should be here for a few reasons. One, to give your character substance and immersion. Two, XP, money, and learning the game. And finally, three, various unlocks. I believe the story should happen throughout your adventures in the open world, progressing as you gain renown, similar to NFS Heat. It just makes sense that way, rather than it being an entirely seperate mode, culminating at a championship-like ending and then you joining the open world starting a team yet somehow no one knows you. But if it were to be that way, I would see it as an origin story instead (this story would include co-op as well).


• Tricks/Create-A-Trick: This includes flips, grabs, grinds, freestyle, manuals, etc. It's a skateboarding game, the tricks need to be as accurate and detailed as possible and there needs to be a plethora of them, as well as different ways to do them, and various, interchangeable combos. Pretty straightforward. As for Create-A-Trick, it's been a feature in previous skating games and has always been one of my favorites, you can create some pretty nutty tricks with this and it's really fun. At first, I was conflicted on how this would fit into online, but I realized, as long as it's kept realistic (as in, if you can land it, it counts), then it shouldn't be a problem in competitions and/or events. Of course the ability to make some bizarre tricks are there, but if you make them too nuts, you'll never be able to land them. Maybe there could be a seperate gnarly mode or something for invite only where we could have some classic wacky T.H.U.G stuff happening.

• Cameos: Of course in a skating game, you've got to have some real life skaters in it. I think it'd be cool to have them in the story and in online events. Not just the famous pros either, up and comers as well.

• Create-A-Park: Yet another feature from previous games that I'm sure we can all look back fondly on. I'm not entirely sure if this could be well optimized into an online open world, so I picture it being an invitation situation. If there's some way to implement it into the open world setting without breaking the game, that would be stellar. But yeah, variety, detailed, accurate parts. Personality is a big one as well.

• Soundtrack: It may just be me, but I can't remember the last time a game had custom soundtrack, maybe it has something to do with copyright issues or something, I have no clue, but if possible, it would be sooooooooooo so so awesome to have this feature. It would add so much personality to the game.

• Overall Gameplay/Graphics/Environment: Of course it goes without saying, to have a really good game, you need to have as little bugs as possible. I also picture it having next-gen graphics, and the gameplay being very fluid and immersive. All visual and audio aspects need to be accurate as well.

As for right now, that's everything I could think of to make a pretty damn solid skating game, let me know if you think I missed anything, and I look forward to hearing from everyone!

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