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The Plans for The Game Awards 2018 in /r/Games

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Hello, everyone!

The Game Awards is a few days away and due to news of at least ten potential reveals during TGA, we've decided to replicate what we did for E3 this past year. We're posting this well in advance to make sure that you all know the plans for this Thursday.

For reference, the event takes place on December 6th, 2018 and starts at 7:30 PM CST. For additional information, such as timezones and streaming locations, look here.

Plans for The Game Awards 2018 in Games

  • We'll have two stickies up that day: one for The Game Awards with the suggested sort set to new for everyone to chat in with their reactions, and an accompanying Live Thread that will be locked.

  • Moderators will handle these and update them with links to individual game megathreads throughout the award show.

  • Individual game announcements during conferences will have their own unstickied megathread posts with the tag. For major game announcements, these must be self-posts with helpful information about the game, such as the developer/publisher, genre, and a link to the trailer.

  • Anyone is free to submit these individual megathreads, but you'll need to be fast. You're allowed to simply post with the appropriate tag and title to get the jump on everyone else and fill out the rest of the info later (within reason). Any duplicates will be removed.

  • Submissions about indie games can simply be links to their respective trailers, but they still need to have in their titles.

  • To cut down on clutter, any and all discussion about game reveals will be funneled into these megathreads. Any news from media outlets will also be redirected into these threads for each OP to edit into their post throughout the day of the relevant conference.

  • We will also host a post-awards discussion thread for everyone to chat in and discuss the show overall and share their reactions. We will also maintain a thread archive for the Game Awards with links to all the megathreads of reveals and other major news, so you can catch up if you missed the show.

  • Any submissions about TGA without the tag will be removed, but starting the day after the Game Awards, you can submit your own regular posts about it without the tag.

We're looking for one or two volunteers to help us out!

  • You'll give us a hand with posting game megathreads and updating the livethread!

  • If you really want to handle a megathread for a particular game that you know will be at TGA this year, then you can call dibs among the other volunteers and mods (unless a non-volunteer beats you by submitting their post seconds before yours). If you know you'll absolutely be spamming refresh on a particular company's YouTube page waiting for them to upload their trailer for a certain game, then come volunteer!

  • If you only want to post megathreads and not help with the Live Thread, or vice-versa, that's fine!

  • You'll coordinate with the mod team in a dedicated channel on our /r/Games Discord server. In case anyone isn't familiar with Discord, this is a text only channel, not voice chat! So please don't be shy.

  • If you're not too handy with Reddit's formatting for the self-posts, don't worry! We'll provide the template. All you'll have to do is copy/paste and fill in the relevant info.

  • All helpers will get their own flair here on the sub that reads "TGA 2018 Volunteer". You'll get to keep this forever even if all you do is maintain a single game megathread.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment!

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