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The problems of indie gaming

Gamingtodaynews1b - The problems of indie gaming

People like to say why indie games are so much better than AAA games. This is because indie developers are usually enthusiasts who are just want to have fun with developing a game. Gamers love to romantize Indies and sometimes they want to become one of them. Them, AAA studios are often going to scandals.

But actually indie romantists are not right. This is because indie games are created in development hell, which may cause problems with health and finances. And most of indie games in the market are mediocres. The worst thing is that indie games become less original due to market oversaturation. Most of indie games are usually borrows ideas from each other or in some cases just take ideas from games of the past due of nostalgia trend.

And because of oversaturation, it's not hard to make a new indie game and sell it well. Your indie game can be famous only just by luck. Did you hear about Iconoclasts? It's a really good game with deep story and beautiful pixel art, which took about 5 years in development. But it still a very niche thing. Or Celeste, an underrated gem. Let's players and streamers are now making only those games which can be used as meme content. Let's just look at some popular indies of recent games.

So, what we have? Helltaker, a 20 minute sokoban about demon waifus. Untitled Goose Game, another casual game without a plot. And now Among Us. They are not bad games, but their culture value is small. Except they gives to us MEMES. We now love videogames not because of plot or good content, but just it produces memes, one of the main pillars of internet culture.


So, you are really want to make a game popular? Forget about deep plot, beautiful visuals and innovative gameplay. Make it a meme. Because people love memes! And unfortunately, many "meme" games are fading away. For example, Untitled Goose Game was forgotten by gaming community because it was a short run meme.

Sure, memes can make a videogame popular. But how long it can regain in popularity? And does the game can be a quality? Yandere Simulator was a meme game, but who anyone playing it? This game is thrash. I think memes polluted the gaming, especially indie. We don't know how many hidden gems are located in the swamp of thrash games in Steam. I watched Signalis trailer and was shocked why this really good game is not popular? Or Lobotomy Corporation, a good game for SCP fans, but still a niche game.

I think meme culture destroyed indie games. And because we don't have a good service of providing indie games, we have troubles. Steam and eShop are oversaturated with trash games. Nobody loves EGS because of bad marketing. And it's very hard for indie developer to release a game on PS Store.

Sure, Indie games are about freedom, but what it costs?

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