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The PS5 is awesome and needs to deliver on it’s potential

Gamingtodaynews1g - The PS5 is awesome and needs to deliver on it's potential

I've been really impressed with both next gen consoles. I'm going to talk about the PS5 exclusively here, I'll talk about the Series X which I also love another time.

Right now the PS5 is still fresh out of the oven, barely anyone owns the thing though. I personally love mine, despite glitches it still is loads of fun. I beat spiderman miles morales and spiderman remastered in the first couple weeks and got a few other titles. Demon's souls seems to utilize the console and dualsense better than any other title I've played on it, it's an amazing game.

However right now it's not quite as cool as the PS4 was around 2017 fresh off of Horizon and Uncharted 4. The PS5 will get Horizon Forbidden West, Kena Bridge of spirits and possibly.. God Of War Ragnarok all this year. My hype for Horizon is through the roof even though it's also coming to ps4, and that's an issue to me.

I'm fully ok with supporting the ps4 still but I really wish that these new games could utilize the full potential of the PS5 and get more dense, more impressive worlds and gameplay that aren't being held back. Horizon Forbidden West looks so exciting to me because for one it has an interesting, vast looking world. God of war is likely to come to PS4 as well and that is where I get worried.

Ratchet and Clank Rift apart is one of those bold looking titles that really takes advantage of the new hardware, using the fast SSD to immediately traverse between worlds. It's ideas like this that need to be utilized in a bigger amount of upcoming games. There's just so much potential to use here.


Third party titles have done a fine job using the PS5 to their advantage. Immortals fenyx rising has fast loading, dualsense features and uses the overall power of the console. NBA2k21 despite being a shitty game overall still has next to no loading and visuals far superior to the ps4 version. Call of duty uses the adaptive triggers and again.. minimal loading. There are plenty of other uses that I've seen that most games use.

I used to worry that the dualsense would be underutilized but lately those worries have faded, most games use it in some form besides normal controls. I really enjoy the Haptics and Trigger effects so far, the option to turn them off is also pretty cool since occasionally they can get annoying.

The PS plus collection has kept me busy while waiting for new big releases as well. I'm impressed with the work they put on God of war and Days gone among a few other games that got upgrades. PS plus also delivers solid titles every month and it makes the purchase easily worth it.

Really I just can't wait to see Unreal Engine 5 And the upcoming games in action. I think we're going to see a lot of big, bold titles coming out and I can't wait.

Hope you guys enjoyed the read and I hope you're enjoying your systems

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