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The sad state of GW2

Gamingtodaynews1g - The sad state of GW2

See people recommend GW2 a lot, but, just keep this in mind if you are planning to dive in:

1 raid a year,

abandoned CMs (challenge mode),

Siren's reef is a hot steaming pile of shit, (the new fractals)

trash maps (the new one is actually not bad tho credit where it's due),

Maps that die in 2 weeks,

awful awful awful story, for an MMO advertising it's story, it sure is ass,

3 months for 1 hour story, no raid on release day, a new map idk how long it will last, and a legendary that are auction housed,

Expansions that come with no raid, fractal, dungeon,

No expansion in sight,

Not sure if next living world season will improve anything,

PoF was 5 living world quality maps bundled with some new classes change my mind,

abandoned WvW, (realm vs realm)

dumbed down classes, (they keep removing skilled elements in favor of… 11111111)

broken economy, have you seen them T5 material prices? Beautiful. I can get a whole 50 copper for a certain tier 5 material, it's literally nothing,

Broken rune crafting prices, all it does is it encourages buying the gem store salvage kit,

one of the worst progression system in any MMO where you farm gold in a blob to farm skins instead of playing content to farm skins,

One of the worst progression system in any game where you farm gold in a blob to farm gems to farm skins instead of playing content for skins,

legendaries that are mostly grinding the auction house, the tale of the SNAKE SCEPTER, no seriously, the new legendaries are basically you afk in a city at a crafting station buying materials and autocrafting,

broken auction house system,


broken prices on infusions, 15k gold, max auction price is 10k,

no prestige items for hardcore players, seriously, there is nothing to show you are good at the game,

Read:  Please excuse my ignorance, but when people talk about sandbox MMO's, aren't those just survival games? Isn't Conan Exiles literally a sandbox MMO, or are my definitions incorrect?

Not a single earnable mount skin,

no reason to play CMs in raids, for any reward from CMs are single non repeatable achievement,

gem skins looking better than 90% of earnable skins,

lootbox everything,

Rework on a boring thing (instabilities, they make dungeons have new mechanics) somehow makes it feel worse to play,

An MMO that plays more like a single player game,

Repeatable Hearts that are made to be trash filler content to grind currency (thank God no hearts in new map),

It's been years since our last good meta event, thankfully there is a new one in new map,

No new elite specialization in sight,

Them 0.00001% drop rate 15k gold items,

Where are my persistent glow on leggy armor? /s, someone got removed from being a partner for calling this out, Anet made a promise and never got around to it I guess,

Raid lfg in NA is omegalul level aside from reset day,

NA and raiding in the same sentence without an omegalul in there somewhere is a crime,

Weekly raids. No it's literally killing the raid scene, please make it more frequent, and make reset not on a Monday thanks,

Refusal to go back and fix old content in favor of adding new content, see kourna, aka, the worst map Anet have ever made,

A refusal to let players grind rare items by 1 day time gating every meta,


Good job Anet.

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