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The Stadia could easily have been successful if Google wasn’t so arrogant.

Gamingtodaynews1e - The Stadia could easily have been successful if Google wasn't so arrogant.

We wanted:

Google holds an event similar to when Sony or Xbox announces a new console.

  • 100% cloud based. Works on PC/Mac/Linux with no hassle. TV just requires Chromecast (either built in, or any other model) and an Xbox or PS controller, iOS and Android with touch or you can buy the Stadia controller which has a mount for your phone (like Geforce Now).

  • Basic access is free, Premium (their Game Pass) is 10$/month but only 5$ during the first 3 months. 1 month free trial.

  • Library: Google buys a handfuld of promising studios and starts their own, calls them Stadia Studios. This happens 4 years before reveal so there's actually games ready at release. This includes a Stadia exclusive AAA open world RPG that's a mix of BOTW and Skyrim. Also over 200 third party games. Porting to Stadia is super easy to encourage both AAA third party devs and indies. Don't pay 20-30 million for Assassins Creed and Red Dead. Instead use those money to get more indies on board, mid sized games and start Stadia studios.

  • Launches on the day of the announcement. Rest of the announcement is game announcements from other Stadia Studios and partners.

Instead what we got was:

  • Needs to buy a Chromecast Ultra + Stadia controller for couch gaming. That's 130$ dollars for their "premiere edition". Google says they might support other controllers in the future. To mount the controller to your phone you had to pay extra for a small piece of plastic.

  • Their Game Pass version launching for 10$ a month and just gives you 1 free game per month out of a selected list. At reveal this was just Destiny 2.

  • 22 games at launch. No exclusives. Not even trailers for exclusives. Haven't even really started to make their own games. Most devs are uninterested, only Ubisoft because they get paid 10+ millions per port.

  • Launched a lot later. Founders Edition sold out. Google digging themselves into a larger and larger hole by promising features that might come later. Frantically fighting to get more games on it before launch. Everything just smelling like its a beta product being sold at full price.

I'm not a high level executive yet I could think up a version that fucking made sense, and I'm sure you could pick out almost any person that plays games, tell them to think up a cloud based console and they would have figured out something better than Stadia.

But for some reason the same fucker who was in charge of the awful PS3 launch, then the Xbox One launch, now gets to make a console for Google. It is a perfect match though as google also just wanted another billion dollar revenue machine with none of the work. Google kills anything that isn't immediately successful for some reason. They thought that because they are google whatever they made is perfect and the plebs would buy it in droves. "just get the biggest games that are already released, that will lure people to our platform", never mind the fact that people already bought these games.

What do you guys think? Do you think Stadia would have worked better in my version or do you have another idea?

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