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The stolen PSN account nightmare

Gamingtodaynews1b - The stolen PSN account nightmare

A few weeks ago my epic account was compromised, immediately after they got the info to that, they used the same info to go into my PSN account and change the password and the e-mail address without any verification on my side. I was an idiot, I didn't have 2FA or any of the account protections that I now have set up.

I made several attempts to contact customer support, slowly learning that every time you make an attempt to regain your account, if you give any piece of wrong info, customer service gets locked out of being able to attempt to recover your account. Customer service doesn't even know how long this lock out period is. Customer service wasn't even able to shut the account down while I tried to regain it so the person that hijacked the account was able to play Fortnite all day and have a great time.

After several weeks of attempts I went on my honeymoon and came back with a level head and fresh take, I called them and apparently gave them the correct information to finally retrieve my account. I was so overjoyed, spent the rest of the day undoing all the things the hijacker added with friends, conversations, and communities. I set up 2FA on the account so this will never happen again. Finally I got monster hunter iceborne all excited.

I thought the nightmare was over, but come to find out the hijacker had activated their PS4 as the account primary PS4, and the link on the website to deactivate all won't work for another 6 months. We have 1 TV in our house currently and I like to let my wife use the TV while I stream remote play to my laptop. Unfortunately you can only remote play to the account primary PS4….this is going to severely limit my ability to play without hogging the TV and I'm just not going to go down that route.


I tried calling support today and explained the situation and they asked me for the serial number of the primary ps4. I asked him how would I know that if that PS4 belongs to the person that stole my account originally. The support rep couldn't do anything to deactivate the primary and basically has said I'm stuck waiting for that 6 month period to run up.

At this point I'm completely floored by how garbage Sony support has been along this entire process, the account security seems to be completely in favor of whoever steals your account, there's no verification or anything necessary for them to change information.

This is my last ditch effort to get my story out there and see if anyone can help me get this resolved without having to wait 6 months. That just seems like the most insane solution to a problem….

TLDR: Account was stolen, I've had to jump through so many hoops to recover the account. Hijacker deactivated ps4's on the account and switched his to the primary. After recovering account, I'm stuck waiting 6 months to deactivate hijacker's ps4 as primary according to Sony support since I don't have the serial number of the hijacker's PS4. I need primary access to continue using remote play. HELP

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