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The struggle between playing the best version of a game and causal play

Gamingtodaynews1e - The struggle between playing the best version of a game and causal play

I don't intend to turn this into a PC/ console war thread.

I'm constantly struggling between my desire to play the best version of a game (aka PC) and just playing casualy with ease of use (aka consoles).

To give you an example: Yesterday I connected my Laptop to my TV to play some games on the big screen. I ran into several annoyances with this: I had to carry the laptop + power cord to the TV and plug it in (no big deal, but adds up). Walk to my notebook on the shelf and go to display settings and make my TV the primary display. Sat on the couch, had to go back to the PC because it failed to recognize my bluetooth headphones -> went into bluetooth menu and had to connect it again. Ingame (Death Stranding) had to funnel a bit with the graphic options, HDR wasn't working so I had to close the game and enable HDR. I couldn't enable HDR in the Windows settings and had to google the solution for like 15 minutes. Back ingame FPS was all over the place and my Xbox One Controller was drifting, had to google it for another 15 minutes just to see that it's an unsolved issue with Windows Bluetooth that a lot of people have and makes the Xbox one pad unusable sometimes and kills FPS, I would have to use a different pad or wired connection or a buy a official MS dongle. Connected a new pad and could finally play the game, after like 45 minutes of hassle and troubleshooting.

Although this was an exagerrated example I have those issues all the time (like finding a HEX edit for an ultrawide monitor or ini edit of a bad port) and it starts to grind on my gears after an 8-10 hour workday.


I would really love to just sit on my couch and start playing instantly.

So just get a console you might say and I'm not inclined to do so, but tech is my hobby and I love computer hardware and I love playing in weird ultrawide aspect ratios. I know I would have the urge to buy a new GPU when they release in september this year. I also have the fear of missing out if I don't play the best version of each game which is absolutely stupid and more like a curse since I actually don't care if games runs at 1800p or 30 fps. I also hate beeing locked out of VR for example even though I rarely ever use it. Then there is my huge backlog of unplayed pc games.

On the other hand there is the user experience of console games which are still (even with updates and such) just plug and play. Easy backwards compatability of Xbox so I can play older generations. Easy and better HDR. And also some exclusives like Kingdom Hearts and several major PS franchises. It's also cheaper.

It just boils down to paying a premium and troubleshoot all the time to get the best expierence or get a streamlined (and a bit worse) graphical but significantly improved user experience.

I've switched a lot between both consoles and PC (played each for a few years) and I'm not really saitisfied with either solution.

Does anyone has a similar struggle and settled with one side ?

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