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The Tale of EVE Online’s Most Infamous Scammer

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Hey everyone! Today I'm going to tell you the story of someone rather infamous in the EVE online community before his ban a few years ago. I personally played EVE for years before winning the game and haven’t been back since, but the legend of Erotica 1 has stayed with me all of that time. Erotica 1 was known throughout the game as the most prolific isk-doubler of his time. If you’re unfamiliar with EVE, isk is just money. Isk-doublers would stay docked in popular trade centers with an offer of doubling any amount of money sent to them. Now, if you have half a brain, you would realize this is an obvious scam. However, there are quite a few players of EVE online who need to learn the hard way and will giddily send their money to Erotica 1 and many other scammers like him. These scammers would frequently employ the tactic of actually doubling your money the first few times until you sent them an amount they were pleased with. Now, this is all within the game rules, as scamming is perfectly allowed and the general consensus surrounding the victims is that they should have been smarter and now ya’ know better.

The Bonus Room

With all that explained, let’s get into what made Erotica 1 infamous throughout New Eden. Located normally in Jita, Erotica 1 would spam the chat looking for marks to scam. When he found a good victim, he would use his charisma to convince the person to transfer all of their assets to him. After he got everything they owned, he would promise to only double it if the mark made it through what he called the bonus round. Now, this isn’t too special. Many isk-doublers would make themselves stand out by creating small but usually difficult games to actually win, so that people would say they were legit in chat. This also gave them an out when people called them a scammer, they could just claim that the person lost their game fairly. Erotica would seek out the most gullible or innocent of the eve community before selecting them for the bonus round, others would simply just walk away once they realized it was a scam before they got in too deep. Those selected for the bonus room would be instructed to send everything in the game they had to Erotica 1 and his brokers, this included money, ships, materials, PI goods, any holdings they had in EVE gambling sites. Now, you’re probably thinking why on earth would anyone do this? Erotica would promise bonus round participants that he would quintuple their net worth. For many greedy players, this was too much to pass up. There was also plenty of innocent, naive or just plain stupid players who fell into this trap. After Erotica was satisfied that he had control of all of their assets, the player would proceed to part 2 of the bonus room. This part often varied from player to player, but was consistently horrible for the scamee. Players would be prodded into reading hours of boring text, singing song after song over voice chat while Erotica and his friends egged them on, promising to pay out after just a few more songs.

Jester's Blog


Eve blogger Jester made a long post about the horrors of Erotica 1 and how he tormented a player. The victim in Jester’s post had a speech impediment, when Erotica and his fellow interrogators noticed it they jumped on him for it. Making him repeat a word he could not pronounce again and again. Then they decided he would need to read the word and its definition over and over. Following this, they forced him to read the entire Russian history entry of wikipedia all while mocking his speech impediment. After about an hour and a half of reading, Erotica had decided it was time for this player to move to phase 3 of the bonus room. Like many others, the contestant is forced to sing song after song while he is mocked by interrogator after interrogator, each popping in after the other is forced to mute themselves due to their laughter. After about 3 hours of the bonus room, the contestant snaps. He begins screaming, cursing and shouting at the interrogators who all burst into laughter. He has completely lost it at this point, the scamees wife can be heard trying to calm him down before she herself devolves into a panic attack at her husband's state. All the while Erotica and his gang are in hysterics at the situation, they have stolen everything from this man and now have pushed him into a manic state of mind. Eventually, they disconnect, taking everything the player owned. Erotica would then publish the recording of this event online, humiliating the player further. When people talk about the sociopaths or truly fucked up people that play EVE online, you need look no further than Erotica 1. Jester’s post would make major waves, the story would be picked up by, Eurogamer, EveNews 24 and discussed wildly across the EVE subreddit. Jester, at the time, was also a member of the CSM which is a group of players selected to be in close contact with game developer CCP, so it isn’t a stretch to think that he likely brought this to their attention as well. Erotica had made waves before, when he used to force players to be repeatedly killed in their alpha pod, until they lost all of their skill points. For non-EVE players, this means Erotica would force the player to be killed in a state in which they lost skills or levels, over and over again, wiping out possibly years of progress that they could not just get back, all the while dangling all of their assets in front of them.

The playerbase chooses sides

When the recording and blog post dropped, the community split into two factions. Those pro and anti Erotica 1. Many players were appalled by his actions while others found it hilarious, bombarding him with both support and hate mail. The New Order or CODE, a group of hi-sec griefers being one of Erotica’s staunchest supporters. Though this is not surprising, Erotica’s scamming had made him one of the richest players in EVE and he had funnelled billions of his isk into supporting the CODE. Erotica, once a long time member of the Goonswarm or CFC as they were known at the time, was recently kicked before the recording due to creepy behavior and crossing the line one too many times so he found no support in his old allies. In the end, after thousands of posts for and against Erotica 1, CCP chose to permanently ban him from the game. After around 100 or so bonus rounds, years of scamming and attention whoring, EVE’s most infamous scammer was finally brought down. Erotica would make a long post on the eve subreddit post regarding his ban, promising to essentially whine to every gaming media site he could find about his unfair treatment and how he was simply trying to protect the sandbox, but in the end, his ban stood.

EVE prides itself on being a tough, roguish game where you are expected to just get up and dust yourself off after even the worst disasters so it is understandable that some players would side with Erotica in seeing those who fell for his scams as foolish or greedy.

However, Erotica 1 just took it too far. There are thousands of scammers within EVE online who are able to practice their craft without even so much as a warning from CCP. It’s an accepted and beloved part of the game, At the end of the day, you need to think about the other, real life person on the other side of the game. Scam them and move on, don’t push them and torment them for a few laughs because you “outsmarted” them. Honestly, I’m glad he’s gone, the game is certainly better for it.

This has been the tale of Erotica 1, EVE onlines most infamous scammer and one who remains banned to this day. What do you think about it? Does he deserve his ban? Did those who participated in the bonus room deserve it for being so gullible? – The original blogpost that caused all the drama

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