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The tedium of Min/Maxing in Ghost of Tsushima

Gamingtodaynews1e - The tedium of Min/Maxing in Ghost of Tsushima

Character progression in Ghost of Tsushima is tied to many things, but as I get to the end game I find so much of it to be useless and/or tedious and it's been bothering me.

For example, the game offers you a wide variety of armor. Some of this armor is travel oriented, some of it is combat oriented, and some of it is stealth oriented. You can only wear one outfit at a time. What this means is that when you're out and about, you wear the traveller outfit, and when you raid a camp, it's pretty easy to open the menu and switch to the stealth gear, and then the boss battle comes and you pause the game again to put the combat outfit on.

The minor problem is evident, you have to pause the game to keep switching outfits based on the scenario, but what really exacerbates this issue to me is that you can be travelling and find a group of enemies. This mini dilema occurs several of times within an hour — do I pause the game to switch to my stealth gear to take these guys down? You do that, get into a fight — do I pause the game to switch to my combat gear now? — you do that, now they are all dead, and now you pause the game to switch to your traveller gear again and repeat the process.


What I'm saying is, it's so easy to min-max your stats in thsi game by switching your gear, but also, the process is incredibly mundane, and if that wasn't enough, you also have charms, a lot of which are incredibly good, but also, INCREDIBLY specific. You can only have 2 main charms, so the easiest thing to do is equip the 2 that you use the most, but what the game suggests that you do is, before you're about to throw a noise distraction chime, you might as well pause the game and equip the charm that makes that chime poisonous and kills the person who investigates it. Then switch to the one that makes your stick bombs better before you throw one of those — and you get into this cycle where you are pausing the game every minute or two to switch to all these cool things the game wants you to use. It's maddening, and the obvious solution is to just not use them, or use the coolest/funnest one only to avoid the constant managing of equipment, but if you do that it vastly devalues the rewards you get for exploring the game world.

I really wish this would be addressed in games, because Breath of the Wild had this same issue to a much lesser extent with the outfit that gave you a bonus to climbing, but replaced your armor.

EDIT: I guess this needs to be said, but I'm not saying this game should be min/maxed or this is how I play at every moment – obviously it wouldn't be fun to play like this. But this game has created a dilemma that would cross many players minds at some point. It's so easy to maximize your stats based on the situation, yet so tedious. Do you need to and should you are not the questions I was trying to answer, just that the desire to do so will arise in players only to be faced with the realization of how tedious it is.

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