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The war between Dragons and Gods in Lineage 2

Gamingtodaynews1f - The war between Dragons and Gods in Lineage 2

Hello everyone! Yumi is with you again and today I`d like to tell you about a true mother of Dragons (eat it, Daenerys!) and one of her scaly children.

An occasion is significant Fafurion update has been installed on the Lineage 2 official european servers. A new dragon has been added for the first time in 5 years – Water dragon Fafurion. His brothers – Earth dragon Antharas and Fire dragon Valakas need no introduction. Old-timers have a great relationship with them, and attempts to kill them have taken the sleep of more than one generation of players away! But Fafurion's story deserves attention. This story starts from Fafurion`s “infancy”… and the world of Lineage 2 in common.

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Long long time ago, at times, which can not even be imagined, the only thing existed was a Sphere with the whole universe inside of it. And there was absolutely nothing to compare it with and that is why this Sphere was big and small, dark and light, everything and nothing. After a hundred millions of years, the Sphere started to grow in size and simultaneously two powers began to appear. They were growing slowly but eventually splitted into Darkness and Light. The Light took the female form and named itself Einhasad. The darkness took the male form and named itself Gran Kain. These two essences marked the beginning of a new universe and everything that exists now.

Einhasad and Gran Kain combined their powers and efforts to break out the Sphere. As a result of their experiment, the Sphere broke into pieces. Some of them had whirled up and became the Sky. Some of them had fallen down and became the Ground. The Water appeared between the Sky and the Ground, and some pieces had raised and became the Ground.Einhasad and Gran Kain eventually had children, not deprived of the divine gift. The first five of them were honored to possess the power over the world. Eldest daughter, Shilen, received Water in her possession. Eldest son, Paagrio, got control over Fire and the second daughter – Maphr – over Earth. The second son, Sayha, became master of the Wind.

But for the youngest daughter, Eva, there were no elements remaining. She became the patroness of Poems and Melodies. While other Gods were in their duties, Eva were writing poems and composing music for them. That is how the era of Gods began.

Mother of Dragons

Gran Kain was a freedom-loving and unbridled God. However, he made a huge mistake, when decided to seduce the oldest daughter – Shilen. It became impossible to keep secret from Einhasad, when Shilen got pregnant. When Einhasad found out, she flew into a rage. She expelled Shilen from the continent and withdrew the power of Water from her. Gran Kain turned his back on Shilen, and ex-Goddess was left alone with her pain.

Pregnant Shilen fled east. She bore children in the middle of a deep, dark forest, cursing mother and father during contractions.

Shilen’s children were filled with desperation and anger from mother’s hexes and became Demons. The most powerful and strongest of them were called “Dragons”. There were only six Dragons. Six Dragons against six Gods.


Shilen was mad at Einhasad for being expelled and at Gran Kain, who seduced and rejected her. Shilen joined forces with her kids and created armies to smite Gods. The mighty dragons were placed at the head of the Demon’s army. Bloody battles started. The six dragons demolished the palace, where the Gods lived.

The brutal war between the Dragons and the Gods had lasted for several years. The clock was slowly running down on Dragons. Despite a lot of severe wounds, Einhasad and Gran Kain were stronger and crushed an enormous number of Shilen’s demonic armies.

The Dragons kept fighting despite the deep wounds and numerous scars. Their fatigue became increasingly evident. Gradually, it became clear, that this war would be a total debacle at Shilen. In the end, the Dragons spread the wings and came down to Earth to save themselves.

Dragon of Water against Water Goddess

After Shilen's defeat, Fafurion escaped into a small island near Heine. It was foolish to sail up the island for the fishermen. Payback for trespass – death in the ancient dragon jaws.

Proverb says: “Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you”. Eva, Shilen's little sister, has become the Goddess of Water since the fall of her sister. Innadril – water Elmoreden capital – could do no less than attract the Goddess. Local residents venerated Eva and built in the main town – Heine – temple in honor of her. Eva was in love with Innadril, so put up in deep water of this area a palace with lush gardens. Fafurion couldn't deal with the trespass and several times tried to struggle with the Goddess. His demon blood, that was flowing through the lake, brought enormous hordes of Naga demons. Fafurion could not overpower Eva and returned to the Nest in order to save strength and fall asleep for a hundred years.

Seas have boiled

Hundreds or perhaps even thousands of years had passed since the God’s war. Wounds healed and strength regained, fallen dragons started to wake up. In the subsoil of Forge of the Gods, in lava, Valakas got up. In Dragon Valley came a loud roar from Land Dragon Antharas. Wind Dragon Lindvior floated among the clouds. Now water has started to boil. The 4th dragon – Water Dragon Fafurion – convened nagas and decided to destroy all Elmoreden’s coastal towns for the glory of his mother. The dragon’s first target turned out to be Gludin Harbor.

Lineage 2, Fafurion (English Subtitles)


Survivors rushed for support to Lionel Hunter – baron and lord of Innadril. Lionel Hunter was Eva's Knight. It is said that Goddess herself presented a sword to the knight and promised, that none of his descendants would die because of water. History will show, whether it is true or not. By the lore, he is exactly the person who must unite brave warriors and try to stop a tide of dragon’s anger.

How did this story make you feel?

Do you know about the other Shilen's Dragons – Antharas and Valakas? Do you want more Lineage 2 Lore?

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