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Theory: Blizzard keeps WoW classic so pure because they still have no idea what the fuck they’re doing

Gamingtodaynews1f - Theory: Blizzard keeps WoW classic so pure because they still have no idea what the fuck they're doing

From the "not bugs" list recently released by Blizzard:

NPCs which offer multiple quests may inconsistently display them as a dot or a “!” on the available quests list. They were inconsistent in 1.12, and we’ve reproduced the exact inconsistency they had back then.

Yes, this is an example of Blizzard putting in extra effort to essentially bring back old bugs exactly as they were. There are more examples in that list of things that are obvious bugs/issues but which will not be fixed.

At first I thought they were doing it out of spite. People bitched and moaned about how much they want Classic server for years, and they bitched and moaned how bad modern WoW is for even longer than that. So Blizzard decided to put all the bugs and issues back into the game as a way of telling them "here, you wanted classic? This is classic, go fuck yourself"

But then I remembered: Hanlon's Razor. Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.


Blizzard is not being autistic about the Classic server to spite players – they're being autistic because they still have no idea what made WoW fun for people in the first place. Remember: it took them YEARS to even acknowledge that players would really, unironically play WoW Classic. Nostalrius was up for over a year before Blizzard bothered to cease & desist them. When people asked the devs during Blizzcon about the possibility of the Classic server, they basically said that "you think you want a Classic server, but you really don't, it was terrible and you remember wrong". Yeah, they said that to people who already played on Nostalrius for a year.

Logically speaking, recreating bugs of WoW Classic is nonsensical. Not only should the bugs be fixed, but Classic should include parts of BC/WOTLK expansions on launch, or be a progression server. There's plenty of good things and improvements that were done in these two expansions that no one but the most rabid fanboys would complain about.

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But Blizzard cannot do it because they have no idea WHICH parts to include and what to keep, because they have no idea why people even liked Classic WoW(and why they dislike modern WoW) to begin with. They're like engineers who found technology superior to their own and they have no idea how it even works, so they can only mindlessly recreate it piece by piece – flaws included – rather than using it as an inspiration or trying to understand it.

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