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There is a stigma around Switch modding that I believe should no longer exist. Here’s why.

Gamingtodaynews1g - There is a stigma around Switch modding that I believe should no longer exist. Here's why.

I know mods can get a little squeamish when someone brings up hacks, so I'm going to say outright that I am not promoting, or even discussing piracy of any form, or any other illegal content (in accordance with rule 5). I make this thread to inform and correct misinformation (in accordance with rule 3). I would also like to open discussion on the subject so maybe the two camps of people can begin to see eye-to-eye.

I've been following and participating in the Switch modding scene since the first exploits were discovered in 2017. Before that, I enjoyed the experiences homebrew brought to my 3DS, Wii U, and Wii. I've seen a stigma on all sorts of platforms such as Youtube, Reddit, and Video Game media outlets that seem to have collectively drawn the conclusion that by modding your Nintendo console, you are performing some cardinal sin and should be reprimanded. This is a bit of a PSA to explain that mods offer a lot more than stealing games and cheating in Fortnite.

The first and most useful feature is adding in features that fans have been begging for since the Switch launched. Themes, Activity Log, more accessible home menu, browser, installing (your legally purchased) games to an external harddrives, save backups on physical storage (for free), and so many more features have been provided to those who are willing to throw a few files onto their SD cards. The user experience is greatly enhanced thanks to the hard work of countless people in the homebrew community.


The second feature I love is game enhancements and mods. You can easily overclock or underclock the Switch's CPU in order to improve load times, framerates, or battery life. You can pair that with 60 FPS mods in many AAA games to get an incredibly smooth experience. The Switch is underclocked by default, so the ability to uncap that bottleneck is very freeing. You can also play a ton of fan made content for games like the dozens of Mario Odyssey custom levels.

Another, more general reason to hack your Switch is the wealth of homebrew available. Did you know you can stream games from you Windows PC to your Switch? That's so friggin cool. There's also tons of little things like a blue light filter, and a cheat code manager, or an app that converts your physical cards to digital ones, or an FTP client, and games like super mario war, or AM2R, or a program that lets you pair Xbox or Dualshock controllers without a dongle, and the possibilities are literally endless.

I won't go into details about emulation, because there are still a lot of people who freak out about those but… N64 on the go is pretty sick. There's even a decent 3DS emulator.

So as you can see, you'll find that a lot of people are taking control of the device they own just because they want to squeeze the most out of it. It's not for everyone. I'm not trying to convert anyone to sticking tinfoil in their joycons (not a joke btw), but I'm hoping that the stigma will lessen a bit. You can downvote now.

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