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‘These superheroes can’t be made into video games’

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With the release of the Avengers game and the upcoming Batman family game I grew very interested in more superheroes such as the Flash and Superman getting modern, enjoyable games. As I researched the possibilities, I found many people saying games involving characters such as the Flash and Superman are essentially impossible. As I looked through their explanations, I found most of their points to be basically ridiculous and I'll just breakdown the main points a lot of these comments share.


1)''Superman is invulnerable, the game won't be fun''. This is one of the most frequently used points – but there have been numerous games that have overpowered main characters that still felt challenging and fun e.g. God of War, DMC series, Asura's Wrath. How did they make these games challenging – increase the strength of their foes (obviously!!). Some people have the misconception that superman is completely invulnerable, this is false. There are many superman villains and DC characters in general that could beat superman, stop thinking he fights random thugs in metropolis. Throw him into Apokolips. Throw him into Warworld. Have Braniac/Luthor create machines that rival his own strength – you don't need mechanics such as giving metropolis a health bar or having a time limit on missions. The worst thing is however, there have been superman games that did just this!! He also is vunerable to magic/telepathy etc. The Avengers display of the Hulk gives me more proof that a Superman game can work

2) 'Superman can fly' I genuinely don't know why some people think this is a problem. It can just be a means of travelling like spiderman web slinging (swinging??). If it is such a problem, a superboy game easily fixes this. Games like anthem showcase the freedom of flying that never felt like you missed out on something.

3) Now this is a paragraph I took from from (1) I know that we're not getting Superman, but let's talk about some of the issues of making a Superman game : BatmanArkham ( which perfectly illustrates the 'too many powers' talk


Issue #4 – "Superman has so many powers, how are we going to be able to use all of them?"

Batman had Detective Mode, Superman can have X-Ray Vision. Batman had a gadget wheel that contained different gadgets like Batarangs, the Batclaw, Explosive Gel & the Cryptographic Sequencer. Superman can have a powers wheel that contains Super Hearing, Super Olfaction, Telescopic Vision, Microscopic Vision, Infrared Vision, Heat Vision, Super Breath & Freeze Breath.

My main gripe is that people keep creating convoluted game mechanics as a way to manoeuvre Superman's strength which just makes the game seem less enjoyable. But I hope people understand that he isn't fully invincible, which is why he actually has villains.


1) 'His superspeed makes it not fun/not that hard' This is essentially the same point as superman with the same resolution – use existing characters that can combat his speed. Captain Cold can reduce the temperature to absolute 0 which slows the flash down, mirror master focuses on confusing the flash, The turtle literally slows time down and obviously the reverse flash – you could just have time slow down whilst they are fighting. The flash adjusts his speed for different scenarios. He isnt running at the same speed when taking down a thug or fighting reverse flash. Games like saint row, dcuo, infamous even gta v mods have displayed super speed that makes the game still enjoyable. He can also have a limit on his speed – the flash is known to need to eat a lot to maintain his speed.

2) 'His time powers are hard to incorporate' look at quantum break

3) 'Technical limitations' This is the one point that i definitely think has the most weight. I understand that with flash moving super fast, our gaming devices may not be able to keep up. However, I have optimism that ssd technology is moving very fast and in 1/2 years, loading screens will be a thing of the past.

I'm sure game developers are creative enough to create decent games that properly showcase these characters and have way better ideas than I

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