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They need to bring back the older style of Survival Horror.

Gamingtodaynews1e - They need to bring back the older style of Survival Horror.


So first off, i absolutely love the gameplay, atmosphere, even the tank conrols of the old Resident Evil and Silent Hill games. The graphics even have their charm, with the 3D images before they perfected shapes and characters arms were square. Plus, you could inspect anything and a voiceless description would spell out for you, and give you a nice, short explanation.

They were great. However Survival Horror now seems, liked it changed too much. Don't get me wrong, RE7 was good, and had its scary moments, but something felt lacking. Also i only played SH 1-3, but from what ive hard the ones released in 2012 weren't very good either. The RE2 and RE3 remakes were good, they had a lot of problems with the story, but the were pretty good.

However i feel like they are still missin something. And after palying all of these games i think I know the two things I think make a good survival horror game, great.

  1. The fixed camera angles.

Now i think we can all agree, the tank controls were outdated, so new ones needed to be in place. With that though, Survival horrow became third-person, and first-person. Now ill get to those later, but here is what is great about fixed camera angles.

It adds more suspense. You don't know ehat is behind each corner, and it makes you weary. In RE, there could be a bee around the corner, or a hunter in the next camera that you need to run from. It keeps you on edge. Plus in TP, you can hide behind a corner and use the camera to see behind something before you move, it makes it have less edge, as youll know whats coming. Now FP can be similar to Fixed camera. You only see whats in your characters FOV. And that is like you are actually there. So FP can work in some areas, but I still think there is a certian charm with Fixed-Camera that cant be found anywhere else. Also, SH had a camera angle where it would move stay in one place, but cover a larger area. It added for cool angles. So that was a good mix of TP and Fixed camera.

  1. The details.

This might seem like, well like a detail, but I loved how you could inspect the smallest thing and get a description. Not ontl that, no voice. Just text. Therefore, nothing breaks the silence of the creepy atmosphere. I found this lacking in newer RE games. Heres an example:

Older RE games: You enter a amall bedroom in an abandoned mansion. The door creaks open. You see your bookshelf that you inspect. "This bookshelf has no use to you. Although it looks like it was recently cleaned." Says the voiceless description. You walk over to a small desk. "There are old coffee stains all over here." You notice a letter on a nightstand and read it. You inspect the bed. "The bed has a red stain on it. It looks fresh, but the smell is overwhelming you. You start to wonder what horrendous thing happened here." You leave the room and continue searching.

Newer RE games: You enter a small bedroom in an abandones mansion. The door creaks open. You can see a bookshelf, desk, and a nughtstand with a letter on it. You read it, then look at the bed. "Damn this stinks" says Jill. You leave the room and continue searching.

You see. Its a small detail, but it adds to the atmosphere. Even if its just a text description, it can be erie. And yes, the games are fine without it, but feel it's just the icing on the cake. Plus its almost like everything you see has a story, which i think is really cool.

Now don't get me wrong survival horror games can be great without these. Alien: Isolation was really good.

However I just think if we impleneted these two things today, with the improved graphics, lighting, controls, etc. It could help revive the feeling that those older games had.

Okay thanks for reading. Sorry for the long post. I jsut felt like these are at least some ofcthe reasons why At least I liked those older games more.

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