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Things I wish I had in an MMoRPG…

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I realize this is one of "those" posts, but after looking through the reddits in the vain hope of finding a MMoRPG I feel the need to vent. Part of the problem is that I am not a typical MMoRPG player: I prefer to solo, I enjoy crafting, and I dislike PvP (but I love RvR).

I loved DAoC and UO, but I have played dozens of MMoRPGs over the years and these days MMoRPGs just feel like a vast barren desert. So now the only thing to do is dream about the "ideal" MMoRPG. So here is yet another wish list from a grumpy, idealistic gamer:

Farming – I love the idea of having a farm and crops. It's weird, I know, but I dig it. Wurm Online comes about as close to having this as anyone.

Fishing – also odd, but some of my happiest moments in UO were fishing in my rowboat with my dog Max (until a demon came walking across the water and killed him, you can bet I hunted that bastard down). I don't like fishing IRL, but I find fishing in MMoRPGs soothing, go figure.

Decent Combat: Not too twitchy, not too slow. For me, GW2 was too twitchy but ESO was a touch too slow, I did like the active blocking and parrying, though.

Crafting: I think a player based economy is a must. Again Wurm Online has come closest to a true player driven economy, but it's soooo grindy. EVE isn't too bad. Resource harvesting is also important.

Not P2W: Duh. Cosmetics and steeds and stuff are OK, but anything that gives a player with money and advantage is a no-no.

RvR, not PvP: I love the idea of kingdoms or realms fighting one another, but to me, full PvP is just mindless ganking that makes more sense in a FFA or Battle Royale Game. Killing other players has to mean more than just bragging rights, it needs to serve a purpose. Also, players shouln't be directly rewarded for killing other players. Realm points ruined DAoC because it turned RvR into 8v1 gankfests rather than a war. Any benefits from RvR should be faction wide.


No Anime: Purely a personal thing, anime is not my thing.

Open World: No loading screens or zones except maybe between PvE/RvR zones.

Sandbox: Again, this is a personal thing, I find theme park MMoRPGs boring.

Solo Friendly: Grouping should be carrot, not stick. Group players should get benefits from grouping, but no player should be locked out of content or forced to group. Raids are a different story, those should require very large groups. Personally, I think GW2 and Rift did a good job with their "open quests" where people can participate without formally grouping.

Lore: Good lore is important. ESO and LotRO both have great lore.

Graphics: The game should look good, but it doesn't need to be bleeding edge. I think LotRO is still very pretty, and games like GW2 and ESO look fine to me.

Economy: There needs to be a viable economy. EVE does this pretty well. One big problem MMoRPGs have is infinite money, it's created out of thin air as needed. There needs to be scarcity in games to drive competition and prevent inflation.

Living World: This is less realistic. I would love to see things like monster invasions driven by things like politics, religion, the ecosystem, or the economy. Say one player nation does such a good job of attacking a tribe of monsters that they migrate into another player owned kingdom to escape, much like the Vandals did to Rome, for example.

Anyway, I could go on. I apologize for rambling, but sometimes you just have to vent. 😛 What would your favorite game have? What are some deal breakers?

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